16 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Show Your Significant Other You Love Them

One of the best ways to communicate to your partner that you really care for them is to say that you love them. This usually takes a lot of guts, because those three words hold so much meaning. But even though it’s good to tell someone how you really feel, what matters more is your ability to actually show how you feel.


Love is usually communicated through your everyday habits and actions. So even if you’re used to telling your significant other how much you love them, the statement falls flat if you never make an effort to actually prove it. There are so many creative ways to show your partner just how much you love them, and they can be as simple as giving them a kiss, holding their hand, buying a gift, or just helping them out. So why not try to act on your feelings and let them see that your love is genuine? After all, actions speak louder than words!

Check out these 16 surprisingly easy ways to show your significant other you love them without saying a word.

1. Text them for no reason.


Don’t just reach out when you want something. Send them a sweet or encouraging message that you know will make them smile.


2. Listen to what they have to say instead of just waiting to say what you want.


Listening to them shows that you actually care about what they have to say. It shows that you want to understand where they’re coming from.


3. Make eye contact often. 


Holding eye contact feels intimate and it’s very romantic. You can always tell how someone feels by the way they look at you.


4. Share your favorite food with them.


Giving them that last strip of bacon, or letting them take a few spoonfuls of that mouth-watering plate that you just spent hours preparing will definitely show that you really love them. Because most people aren’t exactly eager to share their food.


5. Buy them cute little gifts you know they’ll love.


If you notice that they’ve been eyeing something at the store or you spot something that you just know they’ll love, get it for them!


6. Help them get some work done if they’re feeling overwhelmed.


No matter how small the gesture might be, do what you can to make their life a little easier. It will make them love you even more.


7. Wait for them if they’re falling behind or running late.


Waiting for your partner shows that you’re being patient with them, which means a lot.


8. Put your arm around them when you’re walking together.


It’s cute, small gestures like these that show how much you love your significant other. Like caressing their cheek, running your fingers through their hair, or putting your arm around them.


9. Give them a warm hug.


Hugs are literally the best. They make us feel good, and science even proves that it can relive stress and lower blood pressure. So give more hugs!


10. Give them a kiss.


And I don’t mean a quick peck. Kiss them like you want them.


11. Let them be themselves.


Don’t nitpick about the things that annoy you or try to change who they are. Just show them that they can be comfortable around you by accepting who they are.


12. Let them have a say when you decide on things to do together.


It should never be one person who makes all of the decisions. You’re supposed to be a team, so keep that in mind when you guys do things together.


13. Hold their hand.


Every time you do this, especially in public, your partner will feel wanted and loved. It’s like telling the world: “This person is mine and no one else’s.”


14. Take them out to eat or make them dinner.


I always hear that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Guys, this is 100 percent true.


15. Give them a massage.


If you see that they’ve had a long day or if they’re just feeling really stressed, then surprise them with a nice shoulder massage. They’ll appreciate it!


16. Be playful with them.


Life’s way too short to be serious all the time, so feel free to be dorky, funny and playful with them!

What do you think of these simple ways to show your partner you love them? Do you agree? Do you have other tips to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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