11 Weird AF Things That Everybody Does In Public Bathrooms

Ah, the public bathroom. A great place to smell terrible smells and take some bomb selfies under gross florescent lighting. Yet, this room literally made for multiple people to do their business at the same time is more than just a place to pee. We’ve transformed public bathrooms into communal centers, crying stations, places to meet new friends (even just for a few minutes), and, ironically, places we’re really afraid to actually poop in. Hm, funny how that worked out.

So we all spend a ton of time in public bathrooms over the course of our lives, and even though those places are public, that doesn’t prevent us from spending a lot of time in there doing weird AF things. Here are 11 of them that even you have to admit to doing before.


1. Wait to poop when everybody is gone, and then try to do it quickly so that nobody will come in while you’re still at it.



2. Use them as squad headquarters.

the girls room amanda show


3. Try to open tampon and pad wrappers super quietly, as if nobody has ever had to open a pad or tampon in a bathroom before.

bird tampon


4. Take cute selfies when nobody is looking.



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Yeah, that’s…me being ridiculous.


5. Pretend that you’re actually just fixing your hair when somebody comes in as you’re taking a cute selfie.


6. Try to guess who somebody in another stall is by their shoes. Hey, it might be a friend…who knows?

wendy williams magnifying glass


7. Cry because you’re lonely and you don’t have a clique to sit with at lunch yet.



8. Act as if your butt is really that much cleaner if you use those toilet seat covers when those things are really just a false sense of security and don’t really do anything. Sorry, germaphobes.


9. Get shocked and offended when you hear somebody pooping in another stall…even though it’s literally a place to go to the bathroom.



10. Use a zillion more paper towels than you actually need. Every time. Why? Why do you do that?

rae shrug


11. Nefarious sexual activities. Okay, not everybody does this, but plenty have!



If you’re wondering where “use the bathroom without flushing the toilet” is on this list, it’s not on here because that’s the worst, OMG, why would you ever do that? No, seriously, why do some people not flush the toilet? Please, explain yourselves.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in a public bathroom? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever witnessed in a public bathroom? Tell us in the comments!

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