12 Underrated TV Shows On Hulu You Need To Watch Now

When it comes to streaming TV shows, Netflix always gets all of the hype and attention – we’ve even created #NetflixAndChill from our obsession. While that attention is certainly not undeserved, let’s not forget about another amazing streaming service we should all be paying more attention to: Hulu. For about $7 a month (or $14 if you don’t want commercials), you can watch almost any TV show episode 24 hours after they air on cable, and also a whole bunch of series both old and new. Offering these current TV shows is what makes Hulu stand out, so much so that people often forget Hulu also offers original series (like Netflix does) and underrated shows you can’t find anywhere else.

School is out for a few weeks (or you’re home for the holidays), and all of your current favorite TV shows will be on winter hiatus for a little bit, so right now is clearly the perfect time to start (and finish) a new series. Bless that Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu may not have as many original series as Netflix does, but they make up for quantity in quality. Hulu is low-key killing it in their original content department, also nabbing some hidden gems for exclusive streaming rights and amazing British series we otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch in America.

So what should you start with? Here are some of my personal favorite hidden gems streaming on Hulu. Get your binge on and start watching something awesome. Here are 12 underrated TV shows from Hulu you need to watch now: 

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  • Thank you so much for these recommendations. I’ve been struggling to find stuff to watch for ages! Keep them coming. ?