Would You Rather: Pick Between The Worst Shower Sex Fails Ever

The idea of having sex in the shower sounds really steamy, passionate, and fun. I mean, when we see such perfect and romantic shower scenes on our TV screens, we can’t help but feel a strong desire to try it with our significant other. 


But those sex scenes that we’re so used to seeing, like the typical, smokin’ hot guy making sweet, passionate love to a pretty woman while standing under a shower-head, is absolutely nothing like shower sex in real life. Those scenes only raise our expectations and set us up for a huge let down, because honestly, shower sex is dangerous and it can get incredibly awkward. You could end up getting hurt or injured because it’s usually very slippery, and plus, height differences can make it extremely hard to get comfortable. So if you’ve been considering having sex in the shower with your partner to try and spice things up… You might want to take this poll and reconsider.

Check out these scenarios and see if you can survive some of the most humiliating shower sex situations ever.






Which of these was the hardest for you to choose? What would you do if any of these things actually happened to you during shower sex? Tell us in the comments below!

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