12 Totally Badass Ways That Girls Have Gotten Revenge On Their Exes

When it comes to Taylor Swift, I think that I have made it pretty clear that I am not exactly one of her dedicated worshippers. I know, I know–1989 is an unstoppable force. “Blank Space” will never not bang. Her “squad” rolls deep and is also deeply terrifying. It’s just that, for whatever reason, I can’t fully get behind her.

Still, though, I have to give credit where credit is due, and today, my credit is due to exactly how great she is at writing the perfect “getting back at your ex” song. (Which, obviously, should never be confused for a lesser “getting back with your ex” song.) I mean, this isn’t a secret, exactly–being unrecognized, particularly in the category of “vengeful breakup songs,” is not exactly Taylor Swift’s problem in life–but, still, it should be said. I mean, there’s “Picture To Burn.” “All Too Well.” “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” They all cut deep, you know?

If you can’t tell, I’ve been listening to a lot of these songs lately, and they’ve got me thinking–have some actual, IRL girls out there gotten back at their exes with the same verve and vigor of “Picture To Burn”? As it turns out, a lot of them have. In the spirit of Taylor Swift’s very best revenge-themed songs, let us all enjoy these totally awesome ways that girls got back at their exes. Vindication is sweet, is it not?

1. This girl, who, rather than taking down pictures she took with her ex, simply replaced him with her celebrity crush: 


Source: Buzzfeed


2. She did it for her friends, too:

Source: Buzzfeed


3. She’s now started a business in which she will photoshop your favorite celeb in over your ex, too, which I imagine will do pretty well–and isn’t success the best revenge?


Source: Buzzfeed


4. This other girl had the same idea. She replaced all pictures of her ex with Beyoncé. As one does:



5. She does requests for other people now, too, via her Tumblr page called “Beyoncify my boyfriend:”



6. This woman literally just sold all of her husband’s stuff after he left her for another woman. Very straightforward!

7. This, too, is pretty straightforward:
Source: Buzzfeed

8. On a slightly more uplifting note, this woman had a “trash the dress” shoot after her fiance dumped her the week of the wedding so that she could still wear her dress and get some pictures (albeit ones that were probably a little different than what she originally intended):
Source: Buzzfeed

9. This girl decided to cut right into the heart of her Star Wars-loving ex by leaving him this brief–but devastating–message from Yoda:
Source: Huffington Post

10. This other girl sent her ex the lyrics to Adele’s “Hello” and he totally fell for it–which is a little mean, sure, but don’t you have some exes who totally deserve that too?
Source: Mashable

11. Another girl took the same idea and made it better–she devised a feminist letter out of “Hotline Bling” that should be sent to all exes, really:
Source: Facebook

12. Finally, who could forget about the time that Selena Gomez (who has absolutely no chill) showed the world EXACTLY what she thought of her ex, Justin Bieber?

I love justin but LMAO SELENA

A photo posted by Selena Gomez Updates (@gomezupdates) on


Would you ever do any of these things to an ex? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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