10 New Year’s Eve Expectations Vs. Reality That Are Too Real

Okay, real talk: We need to stop pretending New Year’s Eve is a thing that we’re looking forward to. New Year’s Eve is the worst. There is nothing farther apart than your New Year’s Eve expectations v. reality. It’s like Valentine’s Day for single people – the pressure is too real. It’s the biggest party of the year! Everyone is excited! You should have the perfect midnight kiss! It’s the most fun ever! What’s not to love? The answer: everything.

Being a kid on New Year’s Eve was amazing – staying up until midnight is thrilling in itself. Now that you’re older, it’s a lot of hype to have the all caps BEST NIGHT EVER. Since these expectations are so high, the letdown felt by missing them is even greater than your typical Saturday expectations v. reality. Between the outfit, the midnight kiss, and finding something to do/talk about at impossibly long parties – it’d make anyone want to stay in instead.

I don’t want to be a downer about it! I truly want to be excited and I usually do wind up having a good time going out with my friends or staying in with my family. The problem is that the build up in my brain hardly matches the reality of what happens, and that alone is a downer. There’s also the pressure of your New Year’s celebration setting the tone for how your entire new year is supposed to go. I may be the right combo of lazy and introverted wherein the prospect of a new year full of space to achieve some *resolutions* fills me with eye rolls and dread. Goals are one thing. Resolutions? PRESSURE! Expectations. Ugh.

I can’t think of a truly stellar New Years since I started caring about how my New Years went. If you have, please let me know that it’s possible, because the slow crawl towards December 31st after Christmas feels like trying to make the last dregs of the holiday season stretch as long as possible for whatever excuse we can make. Like I said, I don’t want to be a downer, but if you’re being realistic about how it’s really going to go, you may set yourself up to have a better start to your 2016.

Here are 10 New Year’s Eve expectations vs. reality that are too real:

1) Your day!

Expectation: the whole day feels like a non-stop party from the moment you wake up. 

Reality: 6pm rolls around and you’re like ‘Guess I should turn up now?’


2) Your party plans for that night.

Expectation: you have multiple invites to amazing parties and you know everyone who’s going.

Reality: you’re hanging with you parents or are at a really overwhelming party where you only know maybe two people because half of your squad is away for the holidays.


3) Getting ready.

Expectation: you feel hot and amazing and ready to party.

Reality: you feel less than stellar and question every outfit choice that lead you to what’s on your body rn.


4) When you get to the party…

Expectation: you have an amazing time the whole night. It’s New Years Eve! Everyone’s in a great mood.

Reality: you have a solid 20 minute convo with someone cool then awkwardly bide your time the rest of the night and impatiently wait for midnight to roll in.


5) Your friends.

Expectation: you’re rolling with your whole squad and everyone’s having a good time.

Reality: someone gets sick, bails, starts drama, or ditches for a boy. There’s one friend committed to dragging everyone’s mood down and it drains the life out of you trying to make her happy.


6) It’s 11:50pm and…

Expectation: it’s close to midnight and you’re so pumped! You’re feeling it and you’re so ready for 2016.

Reality: you’re tired af and you’re looking forward to the countdown so you can bail to go home and sleep.


7) The countdown!

Expectation: the countdown happens and you’re getting ready to kiss your boyfriend or a super hot new guy you just met.

Reality: nah, just me and you, novelty glasses and party hat.


8) After midnight.

Expectation: the party keeps going and you’re still having a great time.

Reality: everyone rolls out at 12:01.


9) How you feel about your overall experience.

Expectation: best night of your life! Perfect start to the new year.

Reality: this evening was an entirely forgettable Thursday.


10) When you wake up the next morning…

Expectation: you wake up January 1st feeling changed, refreshed, like the new year is here and you’re a brand new person.

Reality: it’s just another morning.


Which of these expectations vs. reality is most real to you? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments!

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