8 Cool Tech Gadgets Coming Out In 2016 That You’ll Actually Want

We can all agree that this has been an amazing year for technology. We got the iPhone 6, Amazon’s newest Fire Tablet, smart watches, and the world’s first Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. We also saw some genius innovations, like the Logbar Ring, which allows you to launch apps, turn on lights, and turn on TVs, all with the movement of your hand. And there’s also the cool Belty motorized belt, which not only adjusts as you sit down to keep you comfy, but also works as an activity tracker. So cool! And obviously you can’t forget about hoverboards, which don’t actually hover, but still look cool.

But as we head into the new year, there will be even MORE groundbreaking technology for us to enjoy, and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be seeing things like phones that can actually bend and home robots that can actually talk to people. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, how can you not be super stoked?

If you’re seriously considering getting some of these gadgets, then you should keep in mind that most of them are pretty pricey. Unless you really want them and you know you can afford them, you don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on these items. But either way, it’s still pretty awesome to see what kind of technology we can expect in the new  year.

Check out these eight super cool gadgets that will be coming out in 2016.

The iPhone 7

This will clearly be a best-seller in 2016, much like the previous versions of the iPhone have been in the past. The iPhone 7 will include wireless charging and the 3D touch feature. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never owned one (well, not yet), but I just might ending trying this when it finally comes out.

Find out more about the iPhone 7 here.

Image source: Designbolts.com

Foldable Smartphones by Samsung and LG

It was recently announced that foldable phones will be coming in 2016. So yes, there will be phones that you can actually fold and bend like plastic and fit into your pocket. Isn’t that cool?!

You can learn more about it here.

Image source: Technobuffalo


According to the website, these will be the "first truly WireFree earbuds powered by a technology 10x superior to Bluetooth." So basically, it's less hassle because you don't have to deal with tangled wires. And plus, it comes with a wireless charger and transmitter. I don't know about you, but I already want one!

Find out more about these headphones here.

Image source: Indiegogo.com

Misfit Swarovski Rings

If you want a piece of jewelry that’s also an effective tracking device, then you should definitely keep an eye out for this beautiful ring. It will be part of Swarovski’s new tracking jewelry collection, which includes necklaces, watches, rings, and other accessories that contain an “activity crystal.” It uses a CR2025 coin cell battery that lasts up to 6 months.

Find out more by going here.

Image source: Misfit.com

Jibo, The Family Robot

This is actually more than just a robot. It’s an adorable, social one with a personality (yes, it has a little humanity). It can help out with daily tasks, send reminders, take photos, and even have conversations with humans. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, it sounds more like an actual person, rather than a programmed piece of technology.

If you want to consider purchasing or learn more, go here.

Image source: Indiegogo.com

Hololens by Microsoft

When you wear this cool holographic computer, you can use simple hand gestures to create and design new holograms. You would also get to communicate with other people and with several apps using your voice. Talk about innovative.

To learn more about it, read the details here.

Image source: Techradar.com

The Wireless Sound System by Devialet Phantom

It’s actually described as the “best wireless speaker in the world.” It has over 3,000 watts and offers an ultra-dense sound with physical impact. It also looks pretty cool, if you ask me.

Learn more about it here.

Image source: Devialet.com

SG iOS Bluetooth Keyboards

You might be thinking that this isn’t really new, since Bluetooth keyboards already exist. But there aren’t any that can actually be used for iOS devices. It can also be used with any other Bluetooth-enabled device, but this keyboard is pretty handy for anyone who has to type lengthy text to their tablet.

Learn more about it here.

Image source: Stunninggadgets.com 

Which of these cool gadgets are you most excited for? Do you plan to get any of them? Tell us in the comments below!

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