What To Do If Your Boyfriend Spent More Money On Your Gift Than You Did On His

Christmas is right around the corner, which means that you’re just a couple of days away from getting to exchange gifts with your significant other. Aren’t you excited?! *cue enthusiastic fist pumps*


But if you haven’t gotten anything for your partner yet, don’t worry! You can still take a look at our cool gift guides for some last-minute ideas. And if you did get them a gift, we’re willing to bet that it’s something that they will absolutely love. But what if your partner ends up giving you something that’s way more expensive than what you got for them? Would you feel guilty? Would you feel the need to compensate by buying more things for them, or would you just accept the fact that your partner wanted to buy you something extra special?

It’s a pretty tough situation to be in, but on the boards this week, I found two really interesting discussions about guys who spend more money on gifts than their girlfriends do. One girl asked what she should do after receiving a super expensive gift, and another asked for advice on  how to deal with a boyfriend who likes to spend a lot of money on her. You guys gave some pretty good advice for how to deal in these situations! Check out these seven pieces of advice on what to do if your significant other spends more money on your gift than you did on theirs.

Djschleig1003 said:

Relax. If he spent that much on you, that means you’re really worth it!! Don't feel guilty! When did Christmas start to depend on the price tag of every gift anyway?

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Alegnatm said:

You didn't ask for him to spend that amount of money on you, he decided to all on his own. So no, you should not feel bad or like you owe him.

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Oregonash said:

I think a lot of guys tend to think that they can win our hearts over with material things, and maybe sometimes it works. But I would rather enjoy his company than get an expensive gift I might not use that much.

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Anaballerina said:

My boyfriend is one of those guys who insists on paying for everything, and while it is definitely sweet of him, sometimes I wish he'd let me pay for my own stuff. I'm not poor or anything, but he definitely has a lot more money than me.

If he wants to buy me a few gifts, that's great. But if he insists on buying me lots of clothes that I couldn't pay for myself, I would not be comfortable with it. I love it that he cares about me enough to do this, but I also love to be independent and able to pay for my own things.

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WiseOwl said:

Guys think that the more they spend, the more the girl will think he loves them. If you asked him to buy it for you, then that's your problem and you need to stop being greedy. BUT, if you never asked him to get it for you and he noticed you were eyeing it, it’s completely fine.

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I really think that you should talk to him about how this, or anything else, is making you feel.

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Scuzz said:

Guys aren't really materialistic like girls are and don't really have "favorite" things, in which it would be easy to pick out something relatable they like. But I would say good bets would have to do more with spending time with them, food, or useful things.

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Has your boyfriend ever spent a lot more money on your gift than you did on his? How did you deal with it? Do you have any advice? Tell us in the comments below!

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