15 #ChristmasClapBack Tweets That Need To Chill

There are so many reasons that the holidays rock that it’s easy to forget what sucks about them. When you think of Christmas, you think of opening presents and eating delicious food while sitting near a picturesque fireplace feeling super jolly. It’s not until Christmas dinner rolls around that you remember one of the toughest things about the holidays – dealing with your family. And sure, you love your aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, but let’s be real… they can be annoying af. They ask you questions about things you don’t feel like talking about, they speak to you in the most condescending way, and they generally make you feel like you’re going nowhere in your life. And that’s why #ChristmasClapBacks started.

Of course, not all of them do this, but even the best and most functional families include at least one person who makes you want to tear your hair out. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, a conversation is inevitable – and torturous. They’ll ask you how school is going, they’ll bring up the fact that you’re single (still), they’ll wonder what happened to “that nice boy” you used to talk to, they’ll hint that you might have gained some weight. And the whole time, you’ll sit there, struggling to be polite while imagining the things you WOULD say if you could – like these comebacks.

#ChristmasClapBacks are for all of you who are sick of talking about these subjects with your nosey relatives. They’re hilarious, but I have to point out that they are also VERY mean. I mean, I get that you don’t want to discuss school during the holidays, but your annoyance with class is not really comparable to your aunt’s messy divorce, you know? So, here are 15 #ChristmasClapBack tweets that need to chill. Laugh at them, imagine yourself saying them, but please DO NOT get this sassy at the table. Or your whole holiday will probably be ruined. Just a warning!

1. When your aunt gets sassy with you: 

Say this if you hate getting gifts. (Just kidding DON’T SAY THIS)


2. When someone makes a subtle dig at your appearance:

This is just on another level.


3. When a relative tells you how to live your life:

I mean…


4. When your cousin acts like they’re better than you:



5. When your grandma needs to stop:



6. When your cousin gets rude:



7. When you’re done waiting to get engaged:

This is not the correct way to get what you want.


8. When you’ve had enough:



9. When you just need to be sassy:



10. When someone attempts to food shame you:

Do not husband shame them back.


11. When you don’t want to talk about how single you are:

I mean I guess if they can ask about your relationship? NO. Be the bigger person.


12. When your uncle needs a reality check:

Serious burn.


13. When you have to be sassy: 

Picture on point, though.


14. When your grandma is acting rude:

To be fair, fruit cake is not great.


15. When someone tries to mess with your presents.


Which of these #ChristmasClapbacks is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Y Apl, Y?!

    None of these were funny, a lot of them attempted to trivialise divorce victims and people who have suffered loss of family members. This whole clapback thing is probably a bunch of stupid teens trying to be edgy and flip off their family members verbally.

    • Leasia

      I found them pretty funny. At family events adults often talk to kids like this especially if your family is black and you’re just supposed to sit there and smile because defending yourself would be considered “getting smart” and “being disrespectful” you don’t actually say these responses back. they’re just funny things you wish you could say back. I wish I could say these things to their face instead of passively aggressively behind their back with my other siblings and cousins because we’re all upset and couldn’t do anything but just sit there and take it. Oh and I also love how you tried to sound so mature but you insulted my whole age group. Remember we are Americas future 🙂

    • Aussie Sabbath

      “Divorce victims” LOL
      Maybe relatives should think twice about being rude in the first place.