11 Reasons You Never Realized Being Popular Is Actually Overrated

I was never the popular kid in school. I wouldn’t say that I was a total loner either – I was just the average shy girl who stayed with a very small group of close friends. I kept my distance from the popular crowd because they made me nervous. They clearly saw themselves as better than everyone else, and it was almost as if they thrived on intimidating other people. But what I also noticed was that being popular seemed like a huge hassle. I mean, who wants to be gossiped about all the time and showered with fake compliments?


I know that it may feel really nice to have your peers treat you like you fart sprinkles and rainbows, but let’s be real: there are so many drawbacks when it comes to being popular. For a few examples: you become a spectacle, you don’t have as much privacy anymore, and everyone expects you to be perfect all the time. But unfortunately, a lot of people lose sight of these things and still feel the desperate need to be liked, admired, and wanted by everyone.

If you’re one of those people who thinks that popularity is everything, then you need to continue reading. Nothing against the Queen Bees of the world, but here are 11 reasons why being popular is actually overrated:

1. You’ll have enemies who pretend to be your friends.


Being popular means having a pretty big group of friends. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell when someone is being genuine or when they’re just using you for your popularity. And no matter how many friends you have, that feeling sucks.


2. More people will gossip about you.


There are always ridiculous rumors flying around about popular people. Just because they have a lot of friends doesn’t mean everyone says only nice things about them. In fact, usually people are more intent on dragging them down.


3. A lot of people will be fake around you. 


Many people are intimidated by popular people, and so they act fake-nice to their face. That… is not fun.


4. You feel pressured to set the perfect example all the time.


Having a lot of eyes on you all the time means you constantly feel the pressure to do, say, and wear the right thing. That’s pretty stressful.


5. People cling to you like magnets.


Did you ever notice that extremely popular people have “fans?” Maybe fans isn’t the right word, but they definitely have some hanger-on’s, people who follow them around and copy their every move. Cool? Kind of weird, actually.


6. You might start to think that you’re actually perfect.


When you’re constantly surrounded by people who adore you (or so it seems), you start to get the idea that you are flawless and invincible. There’s a difference between a healthy dose of confidence and being way too cocky for your own good.


7. People automatically assume that you’re rich, spoiled, and mean.


People are quick to associate being popular with being a spoiled, rich brat who insists on being bitchy to everyone. This obviously isn’t true, but that’s just the way most people think.


8. People won’t be honest with you.


When you’re popular, most people will go out of their way to keep you happy, even if that means lying.


9. You might actually attract stalkers.


In general, you’re pretty much never left alone because a lot of people will turn to you for help and guidance. But then there those who actually cross the line by becoming way too obsessed. Yikes!


10. People will always copy your style, so it’s hard to be unique.


Popular people are usually trend-setters. So whenever they try something new, you can expect a bunch of other people to try the exact same thing in an attempt to look cool.


11. It means nothing in the real world.

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And by the real world I mean outside of high school. Because no one will care how many friends you had or that you were crowned homecoming queen at your school dance.


Do you agree that popularity is overrated? Can you think of any other reasons why? Tell us in the comments below!

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