15 Of The Funniest Posts About Terrorism That Will Help You Cope

Terrorism is definitely not funny. Not even a little bit. But sometimes when something is this devastating, incomprehensible, and scary, the best thing to do is laugh at it. Throughout history, people have used humor to cope with awful situations. From the Holocaust to world wars to 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy, people have found humor during desolate times to raise moral. It’s hard for some people to understand the logic behind that, but here it is: this stuff is incredibly difficult to deal with. Sometimes we need to take a step back and try to laugh so that we don’t get swallowed up by anxiety and depression.

As a stand up comedian, I use the most personal, sad moments from my own life to make an audience laugh. By doing so, I can move past painful memories. Subjects like depression, being single, and struggling to fit in are fair game in the stand up world. Talking about these struggles has made me feel less alone. Laughter is healing!

The rise of ISIS and the recent senseless acts of terrorism have been at the forefront of the news for a while now. Saturday Night Live, which bases its sketches on current events, made a video in early 2015 lampooning the fact that young girls were being recruited by ISIS. Some people stated that the awful subject matter crossed the line and disrespected the lives lost to the terrorist organization. Others reacted by saying that “there is no group greater deserving of ridicule.”

Humor over tragedy will always be divisive, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. We don’t understand a lot of what motivates terrorists, and we have very little control over the situation, but we can still laugh. That said, here are the funniest things people have said about terrorism that might help you cope a little bit easier:

1. Linda Clark is going to take ISIS down.


2. Emily clearly ended terrorism with her tweet.



3. Take that, ISIS!


4. We all do what we can.




6. THIS could defeat ISIS!


7. An interesting observation. . .


8. Vin Diesel gets it.


9. ISIS vs ISS.


10. Archer fans will relate.




12. This is terrorism.



13. CNN spotted this “Isis” flag covered in butt plugs and dildos.


14. ISIS’ plan…


15. And…. yeah.

Did you think any of these were funny? Or do you find them inappropriate? Let me know in the comments below!

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