11 Holiday Cards That Are Actually Super Offensive

Around the holiday season, your home usually starts to fill up with an assortment of holiday cards.

Depending on the form they take, these can either be pretty enjoyable to receive–you know, those nice, simple cards from the Pinterest-perfect family with cute kids and a tendency towards modesty–or totally, 100% unbearable. You know the ones I’m talking about here, too–the cards from that family that you cannot stand but have some weird, now-forgotten but still intact bond with that has an entire photo album in it, plus a list of their collective accomplishments that comes across not so much as a cry for attention, exactly, but more of a wounded bellow. They usually don’t make you want to, like, call the police or anything, though. But I’m assuming that’s what some families wanted to do when they received a card from a family in Louisiana that featured a mom and two sisters with their hands bound and mouths covered in duct tape, while the son and father gave a thumbs-up and held a sign that said “Peace on earth.” I mean, that’s a ransom note, right?

You’ve probably seen this picture around the web, but there are actually a bunch more that seem to be in…poor taste, to say the least. Check out this card, plus other ones that all run the gamut from “Questionable, but we’ll let it pass” to “Please stop. Never send a holiday card again.” Check them out below:

1. The “peace on Earth” card:


Source: Yahoo

This is upsetting, to say the least.


2. The “extremely loud and incredibly close” card:


Source: Complex

Not quite offensive in the same vein as the duct tape photo, but unsettling nonetheless.

3. The “Happy Hanukkah! Love, Jesus” card:


Source: Complex

“It’s not too late to convert to Christianity, heathen Jews!” is the subtext here.


4. The “let us rub our opulence in your poor, broke face” card:


Source: Scallywag Vagabond

People were upset–understandably–over this card that the CEO of JP Morgan sent out in 2013 of him and his family basically trashing their house as they played tennis inside. Because, you know, they’re rich, if you didn’t pick up on that.


5. The “We Love the Second Amendment More Than Our Children” card:


Source: The Odyssey

Just to let everyone know that it IS their right to bear arms.


6. The “Human Centipede” Christmas:


Source: The Odyssey

The reason for the season.


7. The “Human Centipede II” card:


Source: The Odyssey

Something the whole family can enjoy!


8. The “have fun in Hell, sinner!” card:


Source: Cafe Press

This has a…sobering effect.


9. The “never not appropriating culture” card:

Source: The Odyssey



10. The “Santa Sexualization Agenda” card:

Source: Complex

Nice one to send to grandma.


11. The “still down with blackface” card:

Source: Art Unlimited


Ah, Black Pete. The Netherlands is a wild place.


What do you think about these holiday cards? Are they actually offensive or is everyone overreacting? Let us know in the comments!

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