8 Signs That You Actually Shouldn’t Text Him

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the emotional trauma that often comes from texting boys?

It’s hard. It’s hard with any boy, pretty much (like, they might as well be speaking a completely different language in a bunch of cases), and especially hard when you’re texting a boy that you actually really like. There are a number of questions that go along with it–what does he mean by that? Why that particular emoji, and why did he choose to place it there? Is putting no punctuation anywhere a good or bad sign?

And, finally–should you even text him at all? It’s hard to say. Here are some signs that, more often than not, you probably shouldn’t text him: 

You Always Have To Text First

There's obviously nothing wrong with texting first--never let anyone tell you that girls have to wait for guys--but if you ALWAYS have to do it, that's not a great sign. If that seems to be the case, chill out on texting him for a few days and see if he texts you. If not, it might be time to move on.

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You Always Get One-Word Replies

If you've sent a detailed paragraph asking what he did that day and all you get is "not much" or "just chilling Like I said, texting first is fine, but if he isn't giving you anything to work with, it's not worth it.

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Or Just...No Replies

Look at your texting history with this guy. If it's just a stream of your texts and not a lot (or, like, none at all) of his, don't text. Literally just not responding is a super cold move, anyway, so if he's doing that, he probably wouldn't be that much fun to date in the first place.

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You Literally Just Saw Him

If you've been hanging out with a guy all day, there's no need to text him again, like, fifteen minutes after you've parted ways. First, you should do this for your own sake--it's important to have a life outside of a guy, even if you really like him--and also for his. You expect him to value your space and time, so you should do the same for him.

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You Know He Only Hits You Up With An Ulterior Motive

You know those guys who basically only text you if they need something? Or want to create a diversion for themselves while they're waiting for another girl to text them back? Yeah. Don't text him. You might just want to go ahead and delete his number, too.

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He's Dating Someone Else

I mean, duh. This shouldn't have to be said, really, but if he's dating someone else, definitely do not text him in any way that could be construed as flirty.

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You Can Tell He Isn't Really Into It

If you've hung out with him IRL and he didn't seem to be too into hanging out with you then, you might want to hesitate before texting him. Sure, some guys are shy in person and open up more over text, but if he isn't really expressive there, either, it's time to cut your losses and move on. Trust your gut.

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He's Your Ex

Even if you REALLY want to. Don't do it.

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Have any of these things ever happened to you? Did I miss any telltale signs? Let us know in the comments!

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