8 Badass Teens Who Changed The World In 2015

I think that most people erroneously associate teen years with apathy and ignorance. I mean, sure, being cynical AF and thinking you know more than you actually do is a pretty vital part of being a teenager, but I think it’s unfair to sell so many teens short with such static descriptors. Just from my observations, teenagers today are a lot more aware and, frankly, woke than I was as a teen not so long ago. The fact that even teen celebs like Rowan Blanchard are eloquently writing about feminism and intersectionality on social media makes the teen celebs I grew up with–like Lindsay Lohan–look pretty unimpressive in comparison.

Whether it’s teen celebs taking a stand or everyday teens just doing cool stuff, 2015 was full of teens being absolutely badass. Here are eight of them who definitely helped make the world a better place.


Who else should be on this list? Which of these people made the biggest impact on you personally?  Tell us in the comments!

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