15 Moments From 2015 That Were Extremely Daddy AF

If nothing else, I have to say that I will remember 2015 as being the year that the word “daddy” was permanently ruined for me.

It’s not my fault. I didn’t ask for this to happen. I even have to admit that I did, at one point, call my father “daddy”–during those precarious, impressionable years from ages 1-6–though I shudder to think abut it today. Now, you see, “daddy” has risen from the depths of tumblr to make its presence known as a word that is more or less a substitute for “hot,” but can only be used for a certain number of people (like Liam Payne of One Direction, of all people). Basically, if you call someone “daddy,” it’s both implying that you want to think of them as your father and as a potential sexual partner.

So, yeah–if you had only ever used the word “daddy” to refer to your biological father, I am sorry to say it, but Daddy is dead. Tumblr, Twitter, and all of those weird online stores that capitalize on Internet culture as a whole have salted the earth upon which the word “daddy” had previously lain, rendering it barren and unfruitful for all of eternity.

But you know what? You might as well just accept it. Daddy is dead, long live Daddy AF. Here are the moments from this year that prove 2015 was, above literally all else, extremely daddy AF:

1. When Justin Bieber made the Big Change:


2. I mean:


3. When this hero actually got the motto on their vanity plate:


4. When even Google knew that “daddy AF” implied one person in particular:



5. Like, Google was very adamant about this:



6. When someone made…this:



7. And this:



8. Nice:



9. When someone asked Calum Hood, much to his chagrin, if he was daddy AF:


10. When someone devised this genius plan to figure out who, exactly, in 5SOS should be considered “daddy AF:”



11. When Drake put the “dad dancing” in “daddy AF:”


12. It was impossible not to notice:


13. When Zayn Malik decided that “daddy AF” actually meant “grandaddy AF:”


14. When Buzzfeed wrote this article about Disney fathers who are “daddy AF:”

15. When it came time to admit that daddy AF was part of our national dialogue:


What do you think of these “daddy” moments? Did I miss any great ones? Let us know in the comments!

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