17 Weird Things You Thought Only You Did When You’re On A Date

Anytime that you go on a date, you can pretty much expect that you will do some weird things. Not sexy-type weird things (although, sure, whatever, that might happen at some point too). Just, like, straight-up, socially awkward dead-ass weird behavioral issues-type things.

Or, at least, this is what I have basically resigned myself to accept at this point in my life. I think that, in the past, I have made it pretty clear that I–like most sound-minded people–absolutely hate datingI think it is a rigged system and that no one should ever have to do it, though, unfortunately there isn’t really an alternative yet (so far, no one I’ve pitched my modern-day “Yente the Matchmaker” idea to has seemed particularly enthused with it). As such, on dates–and before them–I tend to act a little strange. I hide it well, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not actually happening, you know?

The thing is, I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone. (At least, I hope I’m not.) To find out if people really can relate, here are the weird things that you thought only you did when you’re on a date:

1. Plan out your outfit weeks in advance:




2. Only to change it the day of:




3.Figure that you can “get ready later” during the whole day:



4. Until you realize that you only have, like, thirty minutes before it starts:



5. “Adjust” some details of the date for your hyper-attentive parents:



6. Like saying that you’re “hanging out with some friends” and there “might” be a boy or two there, too (it’s not a lie, technically):




7. Plan on making a gorgeous, seductive entrance when your date comes to pick you up…



8. But end up bungling it. Big time. Ah well:




9. Play some songs on the way that you think will help set the mood:



10. Like “Night Changes:”





11. And “Take Care:”






12. And “I Really Like You:”




13. Send your friends constant updates throughout the night every time your date goes to the bathroom (or just kind of looks away for a second):




14. Tell one of them to call you with a “dire emergency” if the date isn’t going well:





15. But ignore them if the date is going super well:




16. Just, like, generally make a fool of yourself the whole time:




17. But (sometimes) still manage to end the night with a kiss:


Only weird if you want it to be.


Do you do these weird things? Were there any I forgot? Let us know in the comments!

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