31 Tumblr Posts That Accurately Describe Feeling Like You Have No Friends

We have all had that moment where we feel like we have no friends. Maybe it only lasts a few hours, maybe days, or maybe even months. Even the most popular people go through periods of time where they feel completely alone. And hey, maybe for some of us, this feeling is more real than it is for others. But one thing is for sure: feeling like you don’t have a companion in the world is extremely lonely no matter what.

While I would never consider myself “popular,” I know I have a decent amount of friends. I have a group of very close friends from my hometown. I have groups of friends from a college job. Some of my co-workers are like my best friends. I have cousins who are more than just family members, I have friends of friends who I love hanging out with, and of course, I have my boyfriend, who is my best friend. Even with all of those people, I still have my days where I feel totally alone. There are some weekend nights when I have nothing going on, and it feels like everyone else is out doing something fun, and I sit at home and feel totally miserable. This sometimes lasts a few days, until I see my friends, and I wonder how I could ever feel that way.

What can make you feel better when you start to feel that low? For starters, reading this post. Tumblr posts will remind you that you’re not the only one feeling this way – and that it’s okay to feel friendless sometimes. Some of these posts will give you all the feels, while others will make you laugh. Here are 31 Tumblr posts that accurately describe feeling like you have no friends:


1. If this is the real reason you want friends:



2. When you start to feel this anxious:



3. When you know this is the true meaning of BAMF:



4. If this is you:



5. When you just want the best friend TV shows made you want:



6. When you don’t want to be social but you want friends:



7. If this speaks to you:



8. If you actually hate everyone:



9. When your friend says they have no friends and you’re like:



10. Those moments you feel like a total outsider:



11. That moment when you realize your friend doesn’t care about you:



12. When you can’t find a partner in class:



13. If you know it’s kind of your fault:



14. Those moments when you realize maybe you’re better off:



15. When you have lots of friends online but not IRL:



16. Realizing friends are more trouble than they’re worth:



17. If you have no idea how to make friends:



18. Feeling totally lonely like:



19. If you’ve ever had those days where no one responds to you:



20. The moment your worst nightmare happens:



21. If this explains your phone life:



22. When you don’t have squad goals but whatever:



23. What you do when someone tells you you don’t have friends:



24. When you don’t have a best friend:



25. If you like animals more than people:



26. That moment no one likes your picture:



27. The worst feeling:



28. If you don’t have online friends:



29. When an early 2000’s Myspace graphic describes your life:



30. Watching your little sister go out while you stay home like:



31. Realizing your only friends are online:



Which of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? Do you ever feel like you have no friends? Tell us in the comments!

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