20 Perfect Tumblr Horoscope Posts That Reveal How You Really Act Around The Holidays

It’s no secret that the holiday season is a really, really great time to see people’s true natures.

I’m not talking about “looking deep within your soul” or “actually paying attention to other people for once” (although, whatever–you can do that too, I guess). I‘m talking about your horoscope. You see, Tumblr has recently taught me that your sign is really all you need to figure out who you are–it reveals what it’s really like to date you. Which pop culture persona you actually are. How you really act in school.

Now, the time has come to see how you–and other people–really act around the holidays. Check out these extremely illuminating Tumblr “signs as” posts that reveal which components of the holiday season you actually are, and exactly how you act around the holidays, too. In short–are you actually highkey Christmas AF? Or have you been pretending all this time? Now’s the only time to find out:

1. How do you act in general?


2. What about throughout the winter?


3. What about how you act in the month of December, specifically?


4. What are you actually going to be doing over Christmas break?


5. The days leading up to Christmas?


6. And Christmas morning itself?


7. What gif are you?


8. What do you really want?


9. Haha, just kidding. We all know that this is what you actually want:


10. No, wait. This:


11. What will your mistletoe experience actually be like?



12. Are you festive AF or…not?


13. What ~little Christmas thing~ are you?


14. What’s your Christmas elf persona?


15. Which holiday song does your heart beat along to?


16. And which holiday movie is actually your life?


17. Which (underwhelming) holiday ornament are you?


18. How do you actually do your holiday shopping?


19. Oops, you forgot to get a gift–what should you get for your friends (also–what can you expect to be getting)?


20. This is very important–what’s your holiday-themed stripper name?


Were these horoscope posts accurate for you? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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