26 Popular Words That Changed Meaning In 2015

First, let me start this by saying that, yes, I realize that writing a list about the “hip” slang words of the past year makes me sound like your boring mom who really wants to be a “cool mom.” But let’s instead pretend that I am more like your very chill aunt who lets you get away with things you’re not supposed to do and knows how to use Instagram without being annoying. Okay? Great.

Moving on. 2015 was a big year for Internet slang, and tbh, I loved it all. We all know about the most popular abbreviations: AF, TBH, LRT, etc. But what about the words we took and changed the meaning of? Or started using in a slightly different way than they were meant to be used? That’s not to say that all of the uses of these words are new to 2015 – some of these words in this context have been around for a while, but they’re just become more popular in the last 12 months. So while I fully appreciate the need to let us know that you have, in fact, said these words for years now, I already got it.

Here are 26 of the most used words from 2015 that we totally changed the meaning to. Some of these should stick around. Others? Um, yeah, they can get out of the way to make room for new words in 2016. Check ’em out:


1. Daddy

What it used to mean: Your father

What it means now: Someone you think is ridiculously hot who you want to have sex with. WHY IS THIS A THING WHY DID WE DO THIS.


2. Mom

What it used to mean: Your mother.

What it means now:  A female celebrity or icon who you admire/want to be.


3. Squad


What it used to mean: A small group of people or a team of soldiers.

What it means now:  Your best friends who are all #goals.


4. Goals

What it used to mean: Your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

What it means now:  Everything you want in life, but in a much more dramatic sense. Goals is now more of an adjective. Instead of “these are my goals,” you would say, “Gigi Hadid is goals.”


5. Tea

What it used to mean: A hot beverage made from crushed tea leaves.

What it means now:  Gossip, news, highly sensitive information, or the harsh truth.


6. Lit

What it used to mean: The past tense of light.

What it means now:  Wasted, drunk, turnt.


7. Queen

What it used to mean: A female ruler.

What it means now:  The woman everyone in life should try to be. Ultimate #goals.


8. Low key

What it used to mean: Modest, restrained, subtle.

What it means now:  A secret, or just “kind of.” So instead of saying, “I’m kind of sad,” you would say, “I’m low key sad.”


9. Aesthetic


What it used to mean: Pleasing to the eye.

What it means now:  Still pleasing to the eye, but in more of a Tumblr way, if that makes sense.


10. Bling


What it used to mean: Sparkly, expensive, elaborate, over-the-top – usually flashy jewelry.

What it means now:  The nose your phone makes when you get a late-night text. Thanks Drake.


11. Life
giving me life

What it used to mean: To live.

What it means now:  We would say, “She’s giving me life” about someone we love who is doing something amazing and making us feel really happy to be alive.


12. Slay

What it used to mean: To kill someone really violently.

What it means now:  Doing something AMAZING. Like, Beyonce slays every time she performs, you know?


13. Extra

What it used to mean: More of something.

What it means now:  Over the top and dramatic. So, still “more of something,” but used in a different way. Like saying, “Taylor Swift is so extra with all of those special guests.”


14. The Dress


What it used to mean: A dress. Maybe when saying “The Dress,” you were referring to an important dress, like a wedding dress.

What it means now:  The Dress that will forever live in infamy because it was WHITE AND GOLD NOT BLUE AND BLACK.


15. Bop

What it used to mean: Dancing to pop music.

What it means now:  So, “bop” can mean turning up, something that makes you want to turn up, OR someone who gives oral sex. Our writer Ashley says things like, “That song is such a bop.” Get it? I’m sure you do because you’re probably cooler than me and didn’t need this explained to you.


16. Fleek

What it used to mean: TBH I don’t even know if this was a word before.

What it means now:  On point. Perfection.


17. Me

What it used to mean: Yourself.

What it means now:  Literally anything that describes you. A picture of a baby crying when waking up? Me. A picture of a sloth sleeping? Me.


18. Drag

What it used to mean: Pulling something forcibly.

What it means now:  Roasting someone. When you say “Drag ’em!” you mean, “Take them down with harsh words!”


19. Thirsty


What it used to mean: Wanting something to drink.

What it means now:  Desperate and honestly kind of pathetic.


20. No chill


What it used to mean: Not cold.

What it means now:  Someone who is doing the most and acting completely ridiculous, irrational, and absurd, and frankly, they’re kind of embarrassing.


21. Shade

What it used to mean: Darkness from a lack of light.

What it means now:  Making fun of someone or making someone look bad.


22. Blessed

What it used to mean: Something that is holy.

What it means now:  Feeling amazing or having something amazing happen to you.


23. Chill


What it used to mean: Relaxed and calm.

What it means now:  Most likely used in terms of “Netflix and chill,” which is code for hooking up.


24. V

What it used to mean: It’s just the letter “v.”

What it means now:  It’s basically just a shortened version of “very” with a little more emphasis.


25. Woke


What it used to mean: The past tense of wake.

What it means now:  Being aware of what’s going on – especially the things other people don’t want to talk about or be aware of.


26. Puppy

What it used to mean: A baby dog.

What it means now:  A hot guy who is also very innocent looking.


Which of these words is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Let us know in the comments.

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    Really explains how dumb this generation is

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    The dress was actually blue and black The people who took The picture even said so and posted more pictures of it.

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    If you call your man “Daddy” lol you must have gotten molested and liked it. Disturbing af.

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    To be honest “bling” was never actually a word either.

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    Bling- The “NOSE”

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    “V” has been a thing for years like ????
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    V,puppy,and bop are new terms to me.