12 Gross Ways To Get Ready Faster No One Wants To Admit To Doing

No matter how hard we try, some of us will just never be morning people. And sometimes, even the earliest risers have hectic mornings where taking their time getting ready just isn’t possible. In these moments of rushing around trying to get to school or work on time, we don’t even have the luxury of trying to remember all those beauty hacks we’ve read online. Instead, we resort to some admittedly gross habits that may not be the most sanitary, but definitely get the job done.

This Ask Women Reddit thread gets real about those gross things, and I love it. Honestly, if you say you’ve never done any of these things, I don’t believe you. We’ve all been this gross sometimes (and actually some of this stuff isn’t even that gross). Let’s stop pretending like we’re all perfect, clean angels who wake up two hours early and have time to clean every inch of our bodies. Here are 12 gross ways to get ready faster that no one ever wants to admit to doing: 


1. Wearing jeans without washing them.

mom jeans

soomuchcoffee: Do women have the same rule as most of my dude friends: if the jeans do not have stains on them, the jeans are not dirty? (I say no. I only wash my jeans every few weeks. If it makes you feel better, real denim isn’t supposed to be washed!)


2. Showering the night before.


sunshinecliffs: I shower at night. Then when I get up in the morning I apply rubbing alcohol to my armpits then deodorant. My husband has categorized this one as lazy. (I did not actually realize this is gross. I usually shower the night before because showering in the morning makes me run late. Don’t judge me!)


3. Using dry shampoo instead of real shampoo.

dry shampoo

takehart_sweethart: Dry Shampoo. I can go a week without washing my hair in the winter time. My personal favorite is Batiste. It doesn’t weigh my hair down like other dry shampoos. I would just throw my hair up in a bun most days but my boss would rather I put sometime into my appearance. (Um, hi, I can go a literal week without washing my hair. Dry shampoo is my best friend. This isn’t even gross, it’s actually good for your hair.)


4. Wear the same underwear. 

shrug g

SharkWoman: Obviously I dont do this every day, but I often forget to check the night before if I have clean clothes to wear. If I am out of clean panties I just find the cleanest pair, flip them inside out and wear them again.


5. Brush your teeth on the toilet.

brush teeth

charismelia: I brush my teeth on the toilet and spit into the toilet between my legs.


6. Sleep in your eye makeup; wear it the next day.


SmilingDamnedVillian: I’m all about skin care… I wash my face every night to get all my make up off… Except my eyes. I rock the same eyeliner/mascara- with quick touch ups- for about 3 days at a time before starting with a clean slate.


7. Wear bras over and over without washing them.

oh well

psychedelic-machine: If the underwear and socks don’t look too bad, I’ll wear them for another day or two. I also will re-wear my bras for several days.


8. Skip showering every day.


MrHydra: I usually only shower every other day. If I don’t do anything strenuous all day, why bother? Waste of water and I’m just drying up my skin. (I don’t shower every day either, if we’re being honest.)


9. Wear the same shirt multiple days in a row.


cuckoocahoots: I wear the same shirt for like 3 days straight. I just keep it on under my work shirt (required black button up, so you can’t see it) and then go to sleep in it.. Wake up, same thing… And if my hair gets greasy I just slap some baking powder in there and call it a day. I frequently ask people around me if I stink though and I’ve never gotten a yes so I see no reason to stop.


10. Skip brushing your hair.


fishat: I never ever comb my hair .. The only time it gets combed is when I go in to get my hair cut. My hair reaches the small of my back and I just brush with my hands in the morning to get a pony tail. (I almost never brush my hair. It’s actually better for your hair.)


11. Pee in the shower.


burtnayd: I pee in the shower every morning and have been known to eat food in there as well


12. Use Febreeze to clean your clothes.

my bad

wunderbutt: TIL that I am a disgusting human being. Some of these “shortcuts” are just part of my normal routine XD. I bathe roughly every 3 days, and I wash my hair even more infrequently. If I’m feeling particularly ripe, I’ll take a baby wipe to my pits and crotch, and apply more deodorant. I refresh my work clothes with Febreeze to get away with not washing them between wears. No clean undies? I just wont wear any. And I can’t remember the last time I washed a bra, so I should probably do that.
How I’m not permanently single, I’ll never know.


Which of these gross morning habits do you have? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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