16 Images That Explain How It Feels Being Broke AF During The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime, of the year (to have buttloads of money). How are you supposed to buy all of your presents and look cute af at all of your holiday parties, and buy those new, cute boots for the cold weather without cold, hard cash?! Being broke during the holiday season is absolute torture. Why can’t your bank account be as fabulous as you are? Not fair.

Every day in December, there are more and more things you should be spending money on. Your favorite stores are having sales (and who can resist that?). You wish that you could spoil all the people in your life with lavish gifts – after all, that’s how advertisements tell us we’re supposed to show love! Alas, all you can afford this year are small gifts that no one will be excited about. And there’s the ever-present temptation to buy stuff for yourself while you’re buying gifts for others. NOT GOOD FOR THE BANK ACCOUNT!

Santa, if you’re listening, please send cash these year. Being poor any time is awful, but around the holidays it’s especially painful. If you’re broke this winter, you’ll relate to these things:

1. You know what you want for Christmas.



2. No fancy presents for you.

Especially that Fordham bill! Car note helps too! #gradschoolproblems #tistheseason #brokeaf

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3. You try to budget out your holiday…



4. But it’s no use.
You think that maybe you’ll make your own gifts this year, but…



5. You are low on cash.



6. Except for Gelt. You’ve got lots of that.



7. After all, you went a little overboard after Thanksgiving.


8. Those sales, though!

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9. Maybe your presence alone can be a gift.



10. Or you can get creative.

11. Decorations? NOPE.


12. #CantEven

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13. You might not be “feeling it” this year.

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14. People don’t understand why not.

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15. If only you had a little more cash.

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16. Things are going to be rough after Christmas

Do you feel broke during this time of year? How do you handle it? Let me know in the comments below!

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