10 Badass Women Who Will Make You Feel Better About Being Single

There are a lot of terms that are meant to describe how agonizingly unbearable one’s life will be should they end up being single for the majority of it. You can say things like “eternal spinster” or an “old maid”–plus, you know there’s “forever alone,”which is a term so powerful that it turned into a pretty sad meme.

But the thing is, these terms don’t always prove themselves to be super accurate. How do I know this?Just from the fact that there are actually a lot of really, really cool women out there who basically just said, “Um, no thanks,” to the prospect of settling down and getting wifed up.

While their single-ness obviously doesn’t 100% define them–they all have a lot more stuff going on–it’s still pretty inspiring to see that, technically, you can be “single for life” or “forever alone” and have it be 100% okay. Check it out:

1. Diane Keaton


Despite being linked to a good number of famous guys throughout her lifetime,  Diane Keaton is (happily) single. On marriage, she says, “I don’t think that because I’m not married it’s made my life any less. That old maid myth is garbage.”


2. Oprah


Obviously, Oprah has Stedman–but she’s chosen not to get married, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be tying the knot anytime soon, either.


3. Jane Austen

Source: Biography


If Jane Austen had gotten married, it’s unlikely that she would have been able to write any of her novels–so, if someone tells you you’re going to be single for life, you can basically just be like, “Thanks, I AM going to write the next Pride and Prejudice.”


4. Louisa May Alcott

Source: Biography

Like Jane Austen, the author of Little Women never got married–and, honestly, wouldn’t you rather have Little Women?


5. Coco Chanel


Not only did Coco Chanel know how to rock a pantsuit in the most fierce way possible, she also knew that getting married wouldn’t be the best option for her. On that subject, she said, “It’s probably not just by chance that I’m alone. It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong.” Same, tbh.


6. Greta Garbo


One of Hollywood’s most iconic, elusive stars also never married. She said, simply, “There are some who want to get married and others who don’t. I have never had an impulse to go to the altar. I am a difficult person to lead.”


6. Tyra Banks


Here’s one more reason to practice your smize–Tyra Banks, aka Mama ANTM, has been pretty vocal about how much she doesn’t need a partner in order to have a happy, fulfilled life. She said, “My mom never taught me to be waiting for some prince on a white horse to swipe me off my feet.”


7. Katharine Hepburn


Katharine Hepburn never married. Why should she? She was too busy scandalizing Hollywood by wearing pants and saying stuff like ,”Being a housewife and a mother is the biggest job in the world, but if it doesn’t interest you, don’t do it — I would have made a terrible mother.”


8. Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling, everyone’s favorite TV doctor, is more focused on her career than anything else. She said, “my work is so rewarding and I’m so self-centered about it that I’m kind of excited about not having to go home and ask someone about their day.”


9. Susan B. Anthony



The mother of feminism never married, saying, “I think the girl who is able to earn her own living and pay her own way should be as happy as anybody on earth. The sense of independence and security is very sweet.” (AKA who run the world? Girls.)


10. Queen Elizabeth I


The OG Queen Elizabeth had a choice–get married or maintain her position on the throne. She chose the latter. I mean, what would YOU do? (Plus, how else would you be able to get Cate Blanchett to play you in a movie?

Were you surprised by any of these women? Did I forget any cool ones? Let us know in the comments!

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