10 Weirdly Amazing Christmas Bras You Need This Holiday Season

If girls need a tee-shirt bra, a sexy bra, a strapless, and bras in all different colors, we definitely need an appropriately festive holiday bra, right? We need a nice, private (or not) way to show our Christmas cheer… and keep the Christmas spirit alive the rest of the year, if we’re just that enthusiastic. If it’s under your clothes, who’s going to know? While flimsy, sexy Santa bikini tops don’t necessarily provide the support to be classified as a bra per se, these bras definitely do! After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to buy a fun bra? That’s low key my favorite part about having boobs. While you’re buying up presents for all your loved ones, definitely add these holiday bras to your cart. It’s the season of giving, but why not treat yourself?

(Side note: I attempted to be inclusive by including Hanukkah bras, but beyond bras that were blue and sparkly, I came up short. I’m not Jewish, but fun, festive Hanukkah bras need to be a thing! If you see some, let me know.)

I know I’ve already said that sexualizing the holidays gives me the squicks, but bras are different! They’re the unsung heroes of your closet! The right bra can change how your whole body looks and if done properly, they can double as excellent I’m-showing-my-bra-on-purpose-in-this-outfit accessories. Even if they’re definitely for your partner and not just for you, there’s nothing wrong with wrapping yourself up like a present if you know you’re gonna get it on Christmas Eve. Do you, girl. Get yours.

Here are 10 rad Christmas bras you need this holiday season:

Which of these Christmas bras is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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