Everything You Need To Know About Squirting

I can’t remember the first time that I discovered what squirting was, but it was probably when I was a teenager and curiously poking around the curious and unsettling world of porn. After watching squirting–also known as female ejaculation–scenes with a bit of a cringe and a furrowed brow, I dismissed the act as something that a select few talented folks with vaginas do for show. I mean, as somebody who had had orgasms by that point, I sure knew that that wasn’t what mine looked like! So squirting was always a little alarming and a little bit too dramatic for my liking. But after learning a little more about it, I discovered that squirting isn’t necessarily about showing off at all. Some folks just, well, squirt!

Whether you squirt, you don’t squirt, you want to know how to squirt, or you’re just curious about squirting in general, check out this post about everything you need to know about squirting. Busting myths and busting a n–okay, I’m not going to finish that sentence. Carry on!

What exactly is squirting?

To sound sterile and health book-like for a second: Squirting is the release of liquid from or around a female urethra before or during an orgasm. The liquid is clear and, well, there’s often a whole lot of it. Some studies claim that 35 to 50 percent of women are squirters, others claim that only six percent of women are squirters.

It’s important to note that research surrounding squirting is, well, messy. I know, terrible pun, but it’s the truth. There’s generally a lot of misunderstandings between definitions; some researchers and everyday people refer to squirting and female ejaculation as the same thing, others do not. Some see female ejaculation as any fluids released out of the vagina during or around the time of orgasm, others only think of thick white fluid similar to male ejaculations, and many more only refer to the copious amounts of watery fluid that is often seen in pornography about squirting as female ejaculation. For the purposes of this post, though, we’re referring to the last bit, because that’s usually what most people think of.

I heard that it’s actually just urine. Is that true? If so, ew!

Okay, so here’s where things get complicated again! So the answer is this: Yes, and no, and it also depends on who you ask. There’s a study out there that deduced that there are traces of urine found in female ejaculate, but apparently most of the chemicals in it are found in one’s prostate (yes, female bodied people have prostate glands, too, usually called Skene’s glands). With that said, there are scientists out there who insist that squirting is really just peeing during sex, and they have the studies to back it up. Ugh, this is so complicated, right?

But here’s the thing: There are people who identify as squirters who know that they’re not peeing on themselves. There are others, including folks in the porn industry, who have admitted that it’s really just urine. Squirting, the ultimate mystery.

Does squirting mean that you had a really good orgasm?

You can have mindblowing orgasms without squirting, so no, not necessarily.

Are some people just squirters while others aren’t? Is there a way to learn how to squirt?

There are people out there who will claim that they squirt and they just can’t help it; they often cite stimulation of the G-spot as the culprit. There are others who actually do learn how to squirt on their own. According to Ian Kerner, a sexual health expert, people make themselves squirt with an “intense bearing down on the pelvis. Basically, a forceful clench and release of the bladder.” So, yes, theoretically you can learn how to squirt! But this will probably take a lot of practice…and probably a lot of accidentally peeing.


Is there a way to stop squirting?

If you honestly can’t have sex without squirting and it is bothering you, you might want to ask your gynecologist what’s up.

Is squirting an unhealthy thing to do?

Forcing yourself to squirt can be dangerous over time because the constant pelvic squeezing might cause damage. But if you’re not doing that, squirting probably isn’t going to do much damage.

I squirt but it can be really messy and annoying to deal with afterwards. What should I do?

sailor moon cleaning

After doing a bit of research, it seems as though people who squirt are pretty big fans of waterproof mattress pads. It makes clean up a lot less of a chore. Otherwise, you should just be prepared to switch the sheets as often as possible.

I’m not a squirter but my partner wishes I was. Should I try to see what I can do?

Honestly, this bae of yours probably just watches way too much porn. Most folks with vaginas don’t squirt, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do it just because your partner thinks it’s hot. Assuming that you’re not really excited over the prospect of trying to figure out how to squirt for them, you need to be upfront and tell them that it ain’t happening. If they make a fuss about it, congratulations, your partner is the worst. Find somebody who will enjoy having sex with you without the porn star expectations.

girl bye


What do you think about squirting? Were there any myths about squirting that you totally believed until now? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Angelyna Mindapa

    As a natural squiter I would disapprove of some of your facts.
    It can’t be forced or done at will. If it is forced then it’s a fake.
    When one is truly relaxed during sex and the partner knows what he is doing…it happens and trust me…the sheets dry out in a few minutes without any fuss.

  • Mary

    I love squirting. Good article.

  • Mary

    I can’t believe this. The last thing readers of this site need is more pressure from the propagation of male fantasies. I’ve also heard that swallowing will make your breasts bigger–is that true too?

    Squirting is peeing. The end. This whole conversation is idiotic. What happens is that when you really pound on your g-spot you can kind of release your bladder in small squirts. It’s fun because it’s raunchy, but PLEASE take down this article seriously asking what it is.

    • Angelyna Mindapa

      Have you ever squirted before?