8 Unmistakeable Signs That Your Crush Is Leading You On

Being led on by a crush can be humiliating. In your head, you’re headed for the altar… and meanwhile, your crush has no intention of even dating you. You’re chasing that carrot on a stick without realizing that you’re never going to get to eat that carrot. *sigh* Crushes that lead you on know exactly what they’re doing. They give you just the right amount of attention to keep that flame of hope alive, but fall short of actually making any kind of commitment. They reach out to you when they’re lonely because they know that you care. But are they there for you when you’re lonely? Absolutely not.

You'll never get that bone.

You can keep chasing it, but you’ll never get it.

I have a friend right now who is being led on hardcore. Her crush knows she’s in love with him, so he’ll send her songs he’s written about her, text her throughout the day, and invite her as his plus-one to his important events. Any girl would think this was leading to relationship-town, right? There’s just one problem: he has a girlfriend. My friend is in denial that he is only using her for her connections in the entertainment business and has no intention of actually dating her. In her heart she knows there’s no chance of them being together, but she still falls for his flattery and attention.

It’s easy to misread the signs and think someone is super into you when they’re not.  Here’s how you know that you’re getting strung along by your crush:

Do you think your crush is leading you on? How do you know? Let me know in the comments below.

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