14 Hilarious Tumblr Horoscope Posts That Reveal What It’s Really Like To Date You

At this point, I have made it well-known that I simply cannot get enough of those “signs as” posts that are all over Tumblr. I think that they are simply amazing and have, in fact, entirely replaced any stock that I previously held in my “legitimate horoscope. I’ve used it to figure out, for example which meme I actually am. How I really act whenever I’m in school. Which pop culture persona I really am.

This is why I am happy to announce that, based on all of the information I’ve absorbed over the past few months, I am going to be pursuing a new life as a Bernie Sanders who is really into cat memes and also gets into trouble in school because they laugh at other people. But first, I have to find out one more very, very important thing that these Tumblr horoscope posts reveal. What is it like to date me, really? Surely, only these Tumblr post can tell me the truth (because I’m definitely not going to ask anyone I’ve ever dated before, ew) and they can tell you, too. Check out these perfect “signs as” posts that reveal what it’s really like to date you:

1. When you’re developing a crush:


2. The dates you actually want to go on:


3. What people have to know about you before they date you:


4. What you say when you’re on a date:


5. What it feels like to kiss you:


6. How you say “I love you:”


7. Cute stuff you do in a relationship:


8. Love quotes that just get you:


9. Should you ever date a gemini, this is what you will act like:


10. Or a Sagittarius:


11. If you ever date a member of Five Seconds Of Summer, it’s important that you know this:


12. Or One Direction:


13. Oh, and here is your ~sexual compatability~


14. But, actually–what do you make in a relationship?


Does this feel accurate to you? What was your favorite post? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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