17 Weird Things You Thought Only You Did On Snapchat

Many of us have things in our lives that we love, on some deep, personal level, but never truly appreciate until they are taken away from us.

For me, this was Snapchat–the app that was originally intended for sexting, but has since ballooned into a pretty massive social entity of its own. Yesterday, I was among the people of who had it go down, which meant that, for five painful hours (I counted)I couldn’t send snaps. I couldn’t open snaps. And, perhaps most devastating of all, I couldn’t check my own Snapchat story to see who had viewed my very important documentation of a party that I had gone to the night before, where I had met the Target dog and photobombed a picture of Kristen Bell.

It was a dark time. Still darker, however, is the aftermath–though the app has since started working again for me, I can’t shake the feeling that it might go down again, and then where will I be? Surely, I can’t be the only one who has such an intense attachment to this app. (Right?) In fact, I’m pretty sure that we all do some, uh, interesting things when it comes to Snapchat. Check ’em out and see if you agree:

1. Send your friends something that could basically be considered a Snapchat art installation every time you’re a little bored:
Source: All Womens Talk

2. As well as your very best triple-chin pictures:
Like all the best girls do.

3. And get angry if they don’t appreciate it as much as you think they should:
They don’t deserve to be your friend if they don’t send a triple chin back.

4. Make even the most boring, mundane parts of your life much more enthralling with the right caption:
Or, at least, you think it’s a lot more interesting now.

5. Take, like 500 versions of one picture before you find one that’s good enough to send to your crush:
And sometime you don’t even send it. Too much stress

6. Realize that you are extremely that person who takes out their phone at every vaguely cool gathering to document everything that’s happening:
This is modern-day journalism The people must know.

7. Feel weirdly elated every time your crush looks at your story:
It means, obviously, that they are just waiting for the right time to ask for your hand.

8. But only watch your crush’s once they watch yours:
The most dangerous game.

9. Which means that you literally FREAK. THE. HECK. OUT when they don’t watch yours:


10. Watch other peoples’ stories without actually watching them:

You know, you click until their bubble goes away. Gotta clear that cache.

11. Follow a ton of celebrities, even though you have no idea why:
You don’t know them. They won’t watch your stories back. And yet…you can’t stop.

12. Like “Rick the Sizzler:”
Aka Justin Bieber aka the weirdest sensory experience you’ll ever have.

13. Eventually, it gets to the point where you find that you are pretending to be Kylie Jenner in every picture you take:

*pout* *finger on lip*

14. Take screenshots of yourself in the weird filters that you’re supposed to pay for but you look awesome in:
Hey, a good selfie is a good selfie.

15. Also screenshot any Snapchats in which you are hilarious and/or looking particularly glo’d up and Instagram them:

A photo posted by Sara Hendricks (@saratopia) on

I repeat: A good selfie is a good selfie.

16. Obsessively try to get trophies:
You don’t know what they mean, exactly. You just know that you want them.
Source: Snapchat Emojis

17. Wonder if you should actually try to live in the moment a little more:
No. This is your moment. Or, to be more exact, your story.

Do you do any of these weird things on Snapchat? What did I forget? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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