15 Illustrations That Capture What It’s Really Like To Be Bisexual

Bisexuality faces its own unique kind of discrimination. People still accuse bisexuals of “faking it” or afraid to come out as gay. #NotCool The term itself suggests that bisexual people are equally attracted to men and women, although that is rarely the case. Ignorant friends and family can make comments like, “Wow, you’re greedy,” when in fact bisexuals face the same dating struggles as everyone else. The lack of understanding by the general public can lead bisexuals to feel lost, alone, and even suicidal.

Bisexual people often feel a lack of community. Gays and lesbians can often be exclusive and hypocritical when it comes to bisexuality. Called the “Invisible Majority” in a report by the San Francisco Human Rights Committee, bisexuals make up the largest sect of the LGBTQ community but lack the same support. It’s time to change that!

Here are some illustrations that help explain what it’s like to be bisexual:

1. Because it’s not always a woman kissing a man.


2. It kind of feels like this:


3. It’s not a phase.


4. Some people don’t think that bisexuality is real…



5. So they try and figure out if you’re straight or gay.


6. You get so many annoying questions.


7. Even if you’re dating someone, you’re still bisexual.


8. Bisexuality can be hard to explain to people.



9. You have to break it down for them.


10. People react differently when you come out as Bisexual.



11. Homophobia sucks.


12. It’s nice when people support you.

Do you think these illustrations accurately captures what it’s like to be bisexual? Let me know in the comments below!

13. One benefit to bisexuality- lots of puns!


14. Like this one:


15. Don’t leave out bisexuals!

Are you bisexual? Do you feel like these illustrations are accurate? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kylie Maland

    The problem with the bike one is that bisexuality isn’t a “lifestyle”. It’s an orientation that can’t be changed or chosen. Being vegan is a lifestyle, being bi isn’t.

  • nice

  • Ver

    Agrh, SO accurate!! Love this ✨

  • 4152475553

    I enjoy all these, including the Cyanide and Happiness one, though “lifestyle” does hit the ear a bit awkwardly these days for me.