11 Awkward Things You Do In Dressing Rooms, But Never Talk About

Have you ever had a weird experience in a dressing room? The answer is probably yes, because you are a human being.

I’ll share a recent experience I had with y’all: I was trying on a light blue halter dress at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, when I realized that my brown foundation left a big ol’ blotch near the neckline. Of course, I immediately freaked out, and because I was freaking out, I wasn’t really thinking clearly. I thought that an employee would notice when I returned it to the “nah, didn’t work” rack, so I rummaged through my purse for a stain remover pen. Of course, it was empty. So I proceeded to try to rub the stain out with a a little bit of spit. GROSS, I KNOW, BUT I WAS FREAKING OUT.

Of course, that didn’t really help at all, and even though I thought it would dry pretty quickly, it didn’t. So I frantically texted a friend of mine who works at another UO in the city and asked what I should do. Ugh, if only I asked her sooner. She told me that it’s really not a big deal and I won’t get into any trouble. So, yeah, I spent nearly 20 minutes in an effing dressing room being dodgy af for no damn reason.

I cannot be alone when it comes to doing weird things in dressing rooms, okay. You’re probably guilty of at least one of these 11 awkward dressing room scenarios, too. Come on, it’s time to own up.


1. You’ve accidentally ripped whatever you’re trying on, but you tried to play it off like it never happened or that it was already like that.

annoying bra


2. You’ve spent most of your time in the dressing room taking selfies



3. You accidentally got lipstick, foundation, or concealer all over whatever you tried on.

topanga lipstick face


4. You’ve looked around the dressing room to make sure there are no videocameras, because you’re paranoid af.

wendy williams magnifying glass


5. You kind of sort of or totally hooked up with someone in a dressing room…and didn’t get caught. 

cry baby ksis


6. You kind of sort of or totally hooked up with someone in a dressing room…and definitely got caught.


7.  You got deodorant stains on a dark dress or top, even though you made a conscious effort to avoid doing just that.



8. You had to be barefoot in a dressing room when your feet were looking gnarly and your legs looked like a caveman’s and you hoped that nobody was looking at ’em.

bobs burgers shaving legs


Of course, you should never feel gross for having hairy legs, girl!


9. You sent your friends pics of yourself in different outfits you tried on, only to end up camping out in the dressing room for ages until they replied with their feedback.

dress too short spice girls


10. You saw your life flash before your eyes because you were literally stuck in something you were trying on and couldn’t get out.


11. You used the dressing room as a toilet or tampon dispenser. 

I hope that last one doesn’t refer to you, but it happens.


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in a dressing room? Have you ever caught somebody doing something weird in a dressing room? Tell us in the comments!

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