11 Things You Do When You Have Discharge That You Never Talk About

In the past, I’ve called vaginal discharge one of the biggest taboos ever, and, er, nothing has changed. Talking about discharge still elicits pained grimaces far easier than talking about periods, and any concerns about the state of one’s discharge are relegated to desperate Google searches and panicked questions in forums.

So, discharge is something that everyone with a vagina experiences, but something that we never really discuss, which is a shame in an age when we’re becoming more transparent about our menstruation, birth control, sexual health, etc. So, just in case you thought you were alone when it came to your discharge woes, you’re definitely not. In fact, I bet that you do these 11 things when you have discharge, but you’ll never admit it. Time to own up, y’all.


1. You squirm in your seat because sometimes your underwear is just totally soaked through, which is the worst.



2. Without fail, you’ve mistaken the sensation of discharge coming out of your vag with menstrual blood and promptly ran to the bathroom, only to realize that it was a false alarm. 



3. Anytime you have a ton of discharge, you start convincing yourself that you’re dealing with a yeast infection.



4. You’ve legit wished you could just use a tampon or a menstrual cup on your discharge sometimes because there’s so much of it.

ginger snaps tampons


5. You’ve momentarily freaked out whenever your discharge was slightly off color.



6. You’ve been hesitant to fool around with bae because your discharge is off the charts.

viva rocky some girls


7. You’ve investigated your super stretchy discharge for, like, way longer than you care to admit.



8.  You’ve smelled your discharge. Admit it. I mean, you do need to make sure it doesn’t smell fishy down there!

smelly cat


9. You’ve gone commando so that your vagina can breathe when your discharge is doing he most.

american horror story vagina sweating


10. You’ve ruined more pairs of undies than you care to admit.



11. You’ve used discharge from your yeast infection to make sourdough bread.

Okay, only this woman did that, but if you have, too, let us know. We have some questions.


Do you have any discharge secrets? Do you think we should all be more open and honest about discharge. Tell us in the comments!

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