20 Unique Gifts All True Disney Fans Will Love

If the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year and Disney parks are the most magical place on Earth, giving the gift of Disney this holiday season is clearly a one way ticket to epic merriment and joy. If you’re buying gifts for a Disney lover in your life, chances are they have all the merch they could ever ask for. Everyone has their favorite character or movie and most likely stocked up on all the necessary memorabilia. Die hard Disney fans with park passes also have access to the parks-only goods that aren’t available at your mall Disney Store. Did you know that Disney “locks their movies in a vault” but that’s a big lie because there’s a Disney Vault store at Disneyland?!

Everybody – don’t be discouraged, just go the non-obvious route. Of course, we all would love to rock our favorite mouse ears and collectors pins in every day life without feeling costume-y or impractical. Having a way to keep the Disney magic alive outside of the Disney experience itself is why we all buy merch in the first place. So, I found some unique, truly awesome gifts that any Disney lover would be happy to receive that totally work for every day use. Do Walt Disney proud and think outside of the box when you’re coming up with present ideas for the holidays. (If the Disney fan in question is you, just casually send this article to your parents/friends like nbd.)

Santa is magic, Disney is magic, fresh snow is magic, so this holiday season help make a magical moment for a Disney lover in your life… or you know, just swipe some of this stuff for yourself because I’d kind of like to own all 20 of these things.

1) Check out this pumpkin “Coach” tank top.


Don’t say ‘basic’ like it’s bad. This pumpkin coach tank might throw you off at first because of it’s mock-Coach design. I got the tee shirt for my Cinderella obsessed bestie for her birthday and she loves it.

Buy this from Cake Worthy for $30


2) For the collector, look at these Alex and Ani Cinderella’s castle bangles.


Really, nothing says classic like Cinderella, and she’s not even my favorite. You see that castle on every opening credits for every Disney movie. Instant nostalgia and good feelings every time you look at your wrist! What’s not to love?

Buy this from the Disney store for $39.95 


3) Beast: “I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I want to do something for her. But what?” Cogsworth: “Well, there’s the usual things…”


Best quote ever, best sweater ever. Even if it wasn’t a Disney reference, this still holds up because the candy hearts make it just that funny.

Buy this from Cake Worthy for $49.95


4) Tfw your life goals of being a mermaid and being constantly cozy converge in the form of a MERMAID TAIL BLANKET.


And it has a string at the top to keep you warm!

Buy this from Etsy for $25


5) These colorful Alice in Wonderland slip ons are so. Freaking. Cool.


A little on the pricier side, this is definitely for the Alice die hards who aren’t afraid to make a statement. *raises hand*

Buy this from Vans for $60


6) Disney script custom name necklace (looking at you, girls who can’t find their names pre-printed on merch at the parks).


So subtle and chic and just the right amount of Disney-ness to pass for non-fan gear.

Buy this from Etsy for $19.95


7) Hold on to your wallets, but this Dooney & Bourke crossbody is made exclusively for Disney and is so cute and definitely worth treating yourself (or someone very, very special).


Buy this from the Disney Store for $268


8) I get a big heart-swell just thinking about the Ellie pin.


Adventure. Is. Out thereeeeee….

Buy this from Etsy for $3


9) Speaking of Up, this tote bag is lovely.


For practical adventuring use and general whimsy.

Buy this from Red Bubble for $18.77


10) Vera Bradley just updated the mouse with laser-cut details on this cross body bag.


Again, exclusive Disney-commissioned designer bags = expensive, so don’t make this an errant impulse purchase butitsjustsogood.

Buy this from the Disney Store for $99


11) Rock all of Minnie’s bows on one infinity scarf.


Who wouldn’t love to cozy up with this scarf this winter?

Buy this from the Disney Store for $39.95


12) Beyonce + Disney = the gift that keeps on giving.


Who run the world? Marie from The Aristocats. And Beyonce. And you. Duh. Carry your coffee/tea with style.

Buy this from Red Bubble for $28.47


13) Nothing says holidays like upping your commitment to sparkly things.


This beaded Minnie sweater is no exception. It’s festive and can totally work after December, too.

Buy this from the Disney Store for $79.95


14) For bold makeup beauties with a sense of humor (reference = Timon from The Lion King)…


…Or you just need something rad to carry your lipstick and tampons in.

Buy this from Cake Worthy for $19.99


15) For girls who go for the bare minimum with their makeup, but also love The Jungle Book.


I looked like Mowgli until I hit puberty and I rarely go all out with my makeup, so I feel this on a spiritual level.

Buy this from Red Bubble for $22


16) When you need a reminder from your friends, Timon and Pumba.


It’s (y)our problem freeeee… PHILOSOPHYYYY…

Buy this from Etsy for $10


17) This adorable kid-art Monsters Inc. phone case is the greatest.


Mostly because kid-art breaks your heart and makes you nostalgic and happy at the same time. Kinda like Monsters Inc. 

Buy this from Red Bubble for $29.16


18) Never grow up with this Peter Pan tank.


Also works for mermaid lovers, in general

Buy this from Cake Worthy for $30


19) This Pirates of the Caribbean wood sign takes mermaids to a new level, though.


Perfect for sprucing up a dorm room or any other space that needs just a touch more mermaid. However, statement art doesn’t come cheap.

Buy this from the Disney store for $125


20) This vintage framed Disneyland map just hits the mark across the board.


Classic and still eclectic, this is definitely for the vintage-Disney enthusiast who wants to throw it back to when/where it all started.

Buy this from Etsy for $50


Which of these Disney gifts is your favorite? Which one do you want? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments!

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