17 Hilarious Reactions To Saint West That Everyone Needs To See

It is done. The world has a new West.

On Saturday, December 5th, it was announced that Kim and Kanye had once again brought a living creature into the world–a son, to be exact–to reinvigorate our sad, battered carcass of a planet. And now, the cycle is complete. The name has been announced:


Saint West. It is a name that I don’t think anyone predicted–yet, at the same time, it feels wholly inevitable. What else would Kim and Kanye name their first-born son but Saint? And how else would it be announced, other than via an emoji-embellished Evite via Kim Kardashian’s personal app? There is, I now realize, truly no other way that this occasion could have so perfect, so unavoidable, so perfectly on-brand.

Something else that feels inevitable? The reaction to Saint West’s christening on Twitter. As in, there are a lot of people talking about it and they have a lot of thoughts. Some are hilarious. Some are a little mean. Some invoke wordplay. And some even utilize memes. Check out the best reactions to Kim and Kanye’s latest progeny here:

1. It was the news that shook the nation:


2. Already, this baby has a legion of ardent stans:


3. And those who want to join his emoji #squad:


4. Some have even renamed the points of the compass in his honor:


5. For he resonates with so many people:


6. The Pope Bars meme got involved:


7. Wordplay!


8. There are some, however, who feel that Kim and Kanye missed a prime opportunity:


9. And that the naming might be a little…presumtuous:


10. Not that it matters. “Saint West” does feel like it was cooked up by a genius team of social media-savvy marketers:


11. Plus, even the haters secretly love it:


12. Like, what else could this baby possibly be called?


13. Also, this…exists:


14. Saint is sure to be quite self-assured:


15. He already has a book deal, after all:


16. Also, Saint is already on Twitter. Because what else would you expect?


17. WAIT:

What do you think of Saint West? What was your favorite reaction? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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