11 Cool Ways That You Never Knew You Could Use Your Mascara

A mascara wand is one of those things that, like my metro card or the weather app on my phone, I use pretty much every day but have never actually considered at great length. It’s kind of rude, actually–I expect my mascara to do so much for me, like transform my stubby, scrawny lashes into those that match those of a drag queen champion or a teenage boy (who have always been known to have the very best lashes). But I never ask my mascara about itself. I never ask it what it really wants to do.

But recently, that all changed–and, unexpectedly, Kylie Jenner is the person I have to thank for that. While perusing through the net–as I am known to do–one day, I saw a headline promising me that, apparently, Kylie Jenner uses her mascara wand in a way that is both “weird and genius.” I took the bait and clicked. How could I not?

From that point forward, my life was forever changed. Now, the relationship between my mascara and me is much stronger–and yours can be, too! So, without further ado, check out these cool ways–Kylie Jenner’s included–that you never knew you could use a mascara wand:

1. Use it like eyeliner:



Source: The Kylie Jenner

If you let your mascara wand hit the underneath your eyes as you apply it, it gives you a bold, dramatic look. Just like Kylie!


2. Eyebrow brush:


Source: Beautylish

If your brows are looking a little unruly, use a mascara brush to tame them. (Just make sure it’s a clean one. Unless you want your brows to be very, very, very thick and defined.)


3. Remove clumpy mascara:


Source: Tumblr

We’ve all been there–you get a little too excited about your new mascara, so it gets a little clumpy on your lashes. But there’s no need to start totally from scratch! Just keep a spare clean mascara wand around (you can pick a disposable one up the next time you’re in a Sephora) and run it through your lashes if they’re looking clumpy AF.


4. Tame flyaway hair:


Again, you’ll need a clean mascara wand for this. It’s super easy, though–all you need to do is brush any flyways you have away with a mascara wand. You can spray it with hairspray, too, if you need to make sure that there will be no rogue hairs.


5. Bend the brush when you pull it out of the tube:


Source: Cosmopolitan

Really! This helps you reach every part of your lashes. To do this effectively, gently bend it horizontally as you pull it out of the tube. You can bend it back when you place it back in.


6. Soak your mascara wand in hot water:


Source: Pinterest

This makes the mascara both thinner and easier to apply. It also helps you get the last of your mascara if you’re running out.


7. Add eyedrops to make it less flaky:


Source: Pearl Beauty

If your mascara is getting clumpy and flaky, there’s an easy fix–all you need to do is add a few drops of Visine or other saline solution to rejuvenate it.


8. Touch up your roots:


If you’re in a hair dye pinch, mascara can provide a quick solution–comb some mascara that’s the same shade as your hair dye to avoid the ombre look for one more day. You can also do this with actual hair dye and a clean mascara brush.


9. Clean jewelry: 


Source: Style Espresso

Again, obviously, you want a clean mascara brush for this one. But mascara brushes are a great, delicate way to clean any tarnished jewelry that you’ve been too scared to clean for fear of breaking.


10. Exfoliate your lips:


Source: The Beauty Department

No need to buy expensive lip exfoliating cream! Instead, use a clean mascara wand and a lip balm of your choice. Your lips will be baby-smooth in no time at all.

11. DIY nail art:


Source: Into The Gloss

If you’ve always wanted to try nail art but have been too scared to give it a go, a mascara wand might be your savior. You can use it to create details that you’ve never even dared to attempt before.


Would you ever use any of these hacks? Did I forget any awesome ones? Let us know in the comments!

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