10 Surprisingly Easy Tips On How To Impress Your Teacher

One important tip to getting better grades? Getting in good with your teacher. It seems super obvious, but so many people don’t do it, and get hurt in the end. Impressing your teacher will only benefit you in the long run. If you’re afraid of seeming like a brown-noser, remember that the grades you get determine the college you’ll get into and the amount of financial aid you’ll receive (#WorthIt). Instead of looking at your teachers as enemies, see them as what they are: people who want to help you prepare for your future. The faster you get them on your side, the better your semester will be. Why wouldn’t you like to make your life easier?

Good teachers can change your life if let them.

Good teachers can change your life if let them.

I may not have been the most popular girl in school, but I always got those straight A’s. My good grades allowed me to receive a full ride to a state school, saving me years of stress paying off student loans. No, I wasn’t always the most organized, punctual, or smartest in the room, but teachers saw that I had a passion for learning and always did the work that was asked of me. NO EXCUSES. It can sound cheesy when people say “attitude is everything,” but the older you get you realize how true it really is.

Don’t be the person who always complains that their teacher “hates” them. (That’s being a victim, and we here at Gurl want to empower you to take ownership of your life!) If you’re ready to start the spring semester off on the right foot, here are some tips to make your teacher love you:

Do you have any tips for impressing your teachers? Have you had any teachers that didn’t like you for absolutely no reason? Let men know in the comments below!

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