7 Things You Need To Do During The Holidays To Find Out If Bae Is A Keeper

If you ask me, the holiday season is when people show their true colors. I suspect that it’s because of the stress and forced gathering of family and friends, gift giving, and general expectations of how one is supposed to act, but it’s a pretty great barometer. You already know that unwrapping presents brings out your sibling’s spoiled side, and making a big holiday dinner turns your aunt into a passive aggressive monster, but what about bae? Is the holiday season also a good indicator of how good of a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever is?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, you can determine whether or not you’ll be with your significant other for a while or if you’re headed towards a January dump. If this is your first holiday season with your partner, here are seven things you need to do to find out if bae is a keeper.

Figure Out If Bae Wants To Get You A Gift In The First Place

If you two just started dating, it's understandable that it might seem a little soon to do a proper gift exchange. But a few months of dating and no sign that your partner might get you a gift, while you're frantically trying to figure out the perfect gift for them? Red flag, TBH. Consider bringing up a gift exchange and gauge their reaction. If they don't seem keen, that be an issue that you'll grow to resent.

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Going Out Of Town? See If They're Interested In Hangin

If you guys are going out of town, see if they seem interested in hanging before parting; is one or both of you going out of town for the holidays? See how keen they are on hanging out ahead of one of your departures. You two might not see each other for a week or two, so if they're serious about you, they'll try to make time. If not, well...


Observe The Way They Act At A Family Meal Or Get Together

You can tell a lot about somebody, for better or for worse, based on how they act around their family. Those are the people they're likely showing their true colors around, and your presence isn't going to change that; at least not for long. Do they act like a jerk to their parents? Of course, it's important to remember that some folks just have terrible parents, but if your bae doesn't and he still treats them poorly, that's not a good look, especially since you're a guest.

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Invite Them Over To Hang With Your Fam

See how they act in front of them and how they treat you. Of course, you should totally take nerves into consideration if they've never really spent time with your parents before, but still, see if they're totally standoffish or engage like somebody with an ounce of maturity.

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Determine Whether Or Not Their Gift To You Is Meaningful Or Generic

Listen, a gift card is a perfectly good gift to get from your relatives or something because, hell, money is money. What kind of monster is going to legit turn down a gift card? But as a first holiday together gift from bae? A gift card or something similarly generic is pretty crappy. You want to feel as if your S.O. actually knows you, and while gifts certainly aren't everything, if they wouldn't even take the time to give you a gift they shows that they know and care about what you're interested in, then that's pretty disappointing.


Note How They React To The Gift You Give Them

Assuming you didn't just give them a gift card and call it a day, (dooooon't do it!) see how they react to your present. Do they seem grateful? Do they seem like they expected something different or more pricy? Somebody who has the nerve to either act spoiled or indifferent to your gift deserves to be kicked to the curb.

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Note Whether Or No They're Distant Around New Years

January is the month of break ups. Seriously, think about it. It's past the holiday time, so you don't have to worry about being an ahole who dumps somebody on Christmas. January is a new year with new beginnings...and the potential for a new relationship. If bae is acting distant around New Years, you should be on high alert. Consider what their behavior has been like over the past month, and determine whether or not y'all need to have a serious talk.


Are you worried about a gift exchange with bae? Do you plan on spending time with them over the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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