12 Hi-Tech Pieces Of Jewelry That Will Make Your Life Better

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend – but for many of us, our affinity for jewelry doesn’t stop there. What about pearls, rubies, emeralds… even silver and gold? There’s sassy jewelry to make a statement, there’s DIY jewelry to show off your crafty side, and there’s jewelry to dress up your ears. Whether your style is modern, chic, minimal, costume, or any other kind, it’s always possible to find jewelry to complement any ensemble. And now, as we venture into 2016, we’re being introduced to a whole new category of jewelry: hi-tech pieces that do way more than just look pretty.

As someone who is obsessed with bling, the idea of jewelry that can not only look good but actually make your life better is like a dream come true. The below items range from simple to tech savvy, and each one of them can improve your day-to-day and make things easier. One could even save your life. Here are 12 hi-tech pieces of jewelry that will change everything:


Nowadays, everyone is glued to their phones. I get it - you feel like if you put it down for 10 minutes, you'll miss out on everything! The FOMO is real. Ringly allows you to keep up to date without ignoring the people and places around you. The stylish ring lights up and/or vibrates discretely to alert you of your most important phone notifications. Which ones are more important? That's up to you - the ring is integrated with more than 80 apps, and you select which ones you want to show up on  your finger.

Buy this from Ringly for $195-$260

The Motorola 360 Smart Watch

Motorola recently launched their Moto360, which is basically their version of a smart watch. But unlike the popular Apple smart watch, this one is super stylish - and customizable. You can choose whatever color bezzle you want, along with your choice of band (gold, silver or rose gold OR leather), and you can even change the face. It looks like a fashionable watch, which is awesome - some smart watches are kind of ugly. I have the one with the rose gold leather band, and it's super lightweight, which is nice.

What else does it do? The Moto360 connects to your cell via Bluetooth, alerting you of text messages, phone calls, and emails. It tracks the number of steps you take every day, and can also work to track your fitness. It gives you the weather report, can alert you of traffic, and work as a little GPS. You can also talk to Ok Google, searching the Internet hands free. You can also set alarms, get calendar notifications, and control the music you're playing on your phone. It's amazing. While this works best with Android devices, it works well with iPhones too.

Buy this from Motorola starting at $299.99

The Leaf

This leaf pendant looks like a cool piece of jewelry (that can act as a bracelet or necklace or a clip-on pendant), but it's actually super smart and hi-tech. This little guy tracks your daily activity, counting calories and even creating personalized exercises tailored for your activity level. It monitors your sleep and helps you learn how to sleep better. It monitors stress levels, giving you personalized breathing routines to relax. It even monitors your menstrual cycle, tracking it, giving you reminders, and filling you in on what's going on.

All of this is controlled on your phone through an app. The Leaf is super helpful in keeping track of everything going on with your body. It's so popular that there's a waiting list for it right now. Get on that to get alerted of when it will be available!

Buy this from Bella Beat for $149.99

Athena Clip-On Pendant

Athena is a product created by ROAR for Good, a company making moves to end violence and sexual assault. Athena is small and lightweight, and can be hung from a necklace as a pendant, clipped onto a blouse or belt, or tucked onto the side of a purse. You choose a list of people you would want to get in touch with during an emergency. With one touch, the device sends a text message alert to your chosen list of recipients. If it's on "Alarm" mode, it also emits a loud beeping noise to ward off attackers.

In a perfect world, there wouldn't be sexual assault, but we aren't in that world. This device is an easy and sneaky way to protect yourself. It could potentially save your life. That's huge!

Buy this from ROAR for Good for $79

Nine West Portable Charging Bracelet

Ever been out and about and realized your phone is about to die, but you're nowhere near a phone charger? Because we're all so glued to our phones, it's safe to bet this has happened to just about everyone at least once. With this product it will never happen again, because you can wear a charger on your wrist! The buckle unclasps to reveal a lighting port to plug your phone into and tada! You're back to 100% battery. It's the easiest and most stylish way to ensure you don't forget your charger.

Buy this from Macy's for $40


What makes Cuff different from all of these other smart jewelry pieces is that it's a tiny piece of technology that can fit into different items of jewelry. So, you can wear it as a thick band, a thin leather band, a necklace, and even a keychain. It notifies you of text messages and calls by vibrating. It also helps in emergencies - if you press your Cuff, an alert gets sent to your designated family contacts, sending them your location so they can help you. It's fun to switch it around to different pieces.

Buy this from Cuff starting at $60

Sona Connected Bracelet

Looking to de-stress? Slip this on your wrist. The Sona Connected Bracelet is designed to "optimize mind and body performance" by monitoring your heart rate and activity level. You can set goals via the Caeden App for meditation and active times, and the Sona will analyze your results. The best thing about this is that it's really versatile - you can wear it to the gym or a fancy event. The bracelet comes in three colors and the leather band can be interchanged with a silicon one for activewear.

Buy this from Caeden, for $149

Mica Smart Bracelet

This stylish smart bracelet was designed by the fashionable brand Opening Ceremony and Intel. This smart bracelet connects to your phone and alerts you of messages, phone calls, emails, calendar events, and more. It allows you to access Yelp and fills you in on what's going on around you. It even has fun features like a fashion app that gives you trend reports and industry news, and a horoscope app to see what's in your future.

Sounds amazing, right? The one downside is the price - this little guy is expensive, cashing in at almost $500. But along with all of those features, it's also 18 karat gold with a sapphire glass touchscreen display. This bracelet is meant to be a luxury item.

Buy this from Opening Ceremony for $495

The Fitbit

One of the classic pieces of hi-tech jewelry, the Fitbit is super popular when it comes to hitting the gym. But Fitbits are not just for losing weight. The wearable technology does track your physical activity and calories expended, but there's more to it. Fitbit also monitors your sleep patterns to determine when you're in REM cycle, how much sleep is right for your body, and when it's the best natural time to wake you up. The connected fitness app can help you create a healthy lifestyle.

Buy this from Fitbit for $59.95-$249.95

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace

Maybe you love what a Fitbit does, but you don't love how it looks. I don't blame you - Fitbits can be clunky and weird looking, and they can totally clash with your style. That's where Tory Burch comes in. The designer partnered with Fitbit to create stylish pieces of jewelry for the technology, and the necklace is my favorite. It does everything a Fitbit does, it just looks prettier!

Buy this from Tory Burch for $175

Rebecca Minkoff Case Mate Notification Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is similar to Ringly as it provides you with unobtrusive phone notifications. The device vibrates when you receive text messages or phone calls from the contacts of your choosing. It's a great way to be notified about important things if you can't have your phone in front of you all the time.

Buy this from Nordstrom for $120

bittersweet Hair Elastic Bracelet

Having a hair elastic around your wrist at all times is extremely convenient - but also pretty unfashionable. This product solves that problem by providing a stylish way to wear a hair elastic, making it look like a pretty bangle. The bracelet comes in gold, rose gold, silver, and black, and you receive a hair elastic with each purchase. Okay, so it's not super hi-tech, but it's pretty genius - we had to include it!

Buy this from bittersweet for $45-85

Which of these hi-tech pieces of jewelry is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments.


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