15 Cute, Easy Ways To Organize And Store Your Makeup

Are you on a quest to be *Zoolander voice* “really really ridiculously organized?” AREN’T WE ALL?! If you use makeup a lot, then you probably have piles of it that you have no idea what to do with, because organizing makeup can be really hard. But we spend a lot of money on it, so it should have a fabulous place to live in our space. After all, the more organized it is, the more gorgeous we look. If you’ve ever spent ten minutes searching through lipstick to find that one shade you love, then I know you’re ready to get your sh*t together.

The first step to an amazing vanity? Get rid of all of those old products!  Clean house! Having only your favorite items will allow you to store them in a way that inspires you each morning. Another tip: don’t just buy overpriced makeup storage containers. Look in unexpected places, like the office and kitchen organizing sections of stores, or even your own basement. So many random items can be redesigned to give you the perfect makeup display for your space. It’s all about creativity, baby!

Ready to get your beauty collection together? Here are 15 cute and easy ways to organize and store your makeup:

1. Make good use of stick-on pods.

If you don’t have a lot of counter space, sticking these pods on the wall is a great option for easy access to your favorite products. You can find them at The Container Store.


2. Repurpose a nail polish rack to hold makeup. 

Want to feel like you stepped into a department store and have your pick of products? ! Buy this nail polish rack on Amazon. It turns out that it’s not just for nail polish after all!


3. Buy some clear acrylic drawers.

This classic design can be found at most home goods stores and makes it easy to see all your products. If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss solution, this may be it.


4. Repurpose a spice rack.

Spice racks (like this one from Ikea) are a great size for storing brushes, lip gloss, lip stick, mascara, and nail polishes.


5. Use hanging caddies to keep things out of the way.

Hanging caddies are an adorable way to store your brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. Instructions for making your own at glamour.com!

6. Get yourself a table top organizer.

If you have the room, this makeup organizer has everything: a magnetic strip for eyeshades, containers for blushes, and sections for lipsticks. Pick a color that matches your bathroom decor!

7. Use a unique makeup holder for something different. 

This cute slab of wood with holes designed for your different makeup items is available on Etsy.  If you’re only have a few staple makeup items, this is the perfect organizer for your vanity.

8. Keep an extensive makeup collection in a plastic hanging shoe holder.

Makeup hoarders, pay attention! Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store all your products and keep similar items grouped together.

9. Use a magazine rack, letter organizer, or dish rack for palettes.

Finding places to store bulky palettes can be difficult. Getting a cute letter holder like the one above will make it fun to display them all!

10. Get some cheap mason jars and paint them.

Give your vanity a hint of luxury by spray painting jars with a lustrous finish. You can buy different sized jars for your different-sized cosmetics.

11. Use a three-tiered tray to hold everything. 

Normally found in the serveware/dishware sections of store, the three tiered design is perfect for housing your many beauty products. Some are glass, others have more a vintage feel, and trays like the one above are made of rustic-looking wood. Find one that suits your style!

12. Get some drawer organizers to keep things clean.

Drawer organizers found in the office and silverware sections are great for keeping your makeup out of the way but accessible. Another tip: put an ice cube tray in a drawer to use for your individual eye shadows.

13. Get a board and some magnets to keep things off your dresser.

Buy a regular metal or magnetic board (or splurge and get a colorful one like this), adhere magnets to the back of your products, and voila! You’ve got a super cute display for your makeup. If you’re living in a dorm and don’t have space, this could really work.

14. Dedicate an entire cabinet to your collection.

If you’re  serious makeup fiend, this collection cabinet will take your makeup organization to the next level. The Bisley from The Container Store (pictured above) is meant for collectors and is the perfect size for storing makeup. You can even buy special drawer inserts to make the organization process super easy. The Helmer from Ikea has a similar look and function. Drawers designed for storing craft supplies also work well.


15. Create your own vanity.

By screwing on an Ikea shelf to four legs, this blogger was able to create a perfect vanity for her large makeup collection. The acrylic trays look great under the glass surface. If you’re a DIY-er and want to give it a shot, instructions are here!

How do you store your makeup? Do you have any great tips for our readers? Please let me know in the comments below!

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15 Easy Tips On How To Clean And Organize Your Makeup

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