Gurl Horoscopes December 2015

Well, it’s hard to believe it, but it is now officially December. You know, like, the final month of 2015. Meaning that a mere thirty days exists between now and the new year, which, frankly, feels fairly absurd. Like, not to sound like your grandma every time she comes to visit, but where did the time go? How the heck did you get so big? It seems like yesterday that you were just a baby!

Ahem. Got a little ahead of myself there, grandma-wise. Either way, you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff in between now and then–Christmas! Hanukkah! Kwanzaa! The Winter Solstice! With these events also comes a lot of potential ups and downs–and, as such, you’ve got to be prepared.

Check out your Gurl December 2015 horoscope to see what your sign has in store for you in your final month of 2015!

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

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This is your birthday month, the sun is travelling through your sign and shining a great big light on all things you. Being yourself should be a breeze this month. Saturn, the planet of effort will be in your sign for the next two years helping you get in touch with the ever-important truth. You may like your freedom, but you will achieve nothing without discipline and honesty. You can’t stay in the wrong situation for long before you start to suffer. Ask your powerful intuition which way is the right way. Find your personal philosophy for greater peace of mind.

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