12 Hilarious Yoga Tank Tops Lazy Girls Will Love

I am far too lazy to have the yoga clothes obsession that I have, but what can you do? A friend recently had to talk me down from impulse buying a yoga tank with kitties surfing on pizza slices in space. I mean, how can you say no to that kind of tank top? Apparently, not having an active yoga practice means you shouldn’t buy up all the yoga clothes you can scrounge from every clearance rack (weird – I thought different).

If I’m being honest, I wear most of my yoga clothes when I’m running errands so that it *looks like* I just came from yoga class when really I just woke up. What’s not to love about these items? They’re super comfy, cute as hell, and I know they tend to be expensive, but my butt never looks better than it does in yoga pants. My workout gear mostly sees my Netflix queue, the occasional jaunt to the mall, and lazy hangs with my friends, but that’s it. I haven’t been to a yoga class in about a year!

Yoga tanks are my latest impulse-purchase kryptonite. Admittedly, they’re meant to function as yoga clothes: super flow-y and airy so you can downward dog without stretching out the armhole of your tee shirt. That doesn’t mean they aren’t super cute when paired with a bralette or bright see-it-on-purpose bra. Maybe it’s because I want them for the bra or maybe it’s because these tank tops are so gosh darn funny, but I’m all about the ironic lazy girl funny yoga tank. Here are my top 12. Totally gift these to your squad of other Netflix watching lazy girlfriends (or maybe wear them to yoga. You know. Whatever works for you.)

Which one of these yoga tanks is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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