8 Amazing Vagina Themed Clothes And Accessories You’ll Never Want To Take Off

I’ve done a lot of clothes and accessories roundups over the course of my time writing for Gurl, but some of the most fun roundups have been a little more offbeat. For example, the boobs and menstruation themed roundups. That’s why I thought, hey, why not go right ahead and highlight vagina and uterus centric clothes and accessories, too?

Look, no matter what your gender identity is or whether you have a uterus or a vagina or not, you have to admit that the uterus is a pretty badass organ. I mean, other than incubating potential life, which is a pretty massive chore, it also does the most hardcore (yet, often sucky) thing ever: It passive aggressively shows its anger at one’s lack of pregnancy by BLEEDING FOR A WEEK. Like, damn. Also, the uterus just looks cool in artistic renderings. And when it comes to vaginas, I mean, hey, vaginas can push something the size of a small watermelon out of it. Gotta give the vag props,you know?

So why not give the female reproductive system some love with these eight vag themed clothes? Trust, they’re so cool that you’ll never want to take ’em off.

Grow A Pair Jacket

How. Rad. Is. This. Jacket? Of course, it's a play on words of the same phrase that usually refers to balls, and usually on a cis-het dude. Pffft, whatever. Well, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of a snarky comeback to that old adage with this cool jacket.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $69 or Valfre for $58

Grow A Pair Muscle Tee

Oh, and if a top better suits you, there's a muscle tee version of the grow a pair design!

Buy it at Valfre for $28

Bloody Panties Pin

This will definitely get some attention! Plus, it's cute and would look really rad on a denim or leather jacket. If you're down with some period pride, this is definitely for you.

Buy it at Etsy for $4.70

Uterus Panties

These undies are just straight up fun to own. Plus, they're dark, so if it's that time of the month you can wear them without worrying too much about ruining them with leaks. Maybe these will be your new feel good undies to wear during your period!

Buy it at Etsy for $30

Hand Embroidered Vagina Vulva Patches

Okay, now these are cool. This artists creates hand embroidered vag and vulva patches that represent just how unique folks can be down there. Yes, everyone's vulva looks different, everyone's clit looks different, and there is no right or wrong way to look down there. Embrace that truth bomb by attaching one of these patches onto your favorite sweater or denim jacket.

Buy it at Etsy for $9.27

Keep Your Politics Out Of My Uterus Ring

At a time when politicians are still trying to politicize and restrict what people can and can't do with their uterus, this is--sadly--more relevant than ever before. Rock this ring in solidarity with the folks who are actively working to support the rights of vagina owning people everywhere!

Buy it at Etsy for $12.50

Vagina Earrings

Are you always on the lookout for some earrings that are a little more offbeat. Er, well, here's a pair of straight up vulva and vag earrings for your collection!

Buy it at Etsy for $14

I Have One Vagina Shirt

Nothing wrong with having a vag, so if you feel like letting the world know, you'll probably like this shirt a ton. It would look great tucked into a pair of jeans or a pleated mini skirt.

Buy it at Etsy for $20

Which of these clothes or accessories would you happily wear? Would you be too shy? Tell us in the comments!

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