20 Perks Of Being Ugly You Hadn’t Thought About

Being ugly is awesome. Yes, you heard me right. Ugliness (AKA whatever isn’t considered conventionally attractive) is a seriously underrated character trait that has its own perks and privileges. Sure, society wants you to think that being beautiful is the only way to get what you want out of life, but frankly it’s not true. So you’re not a super model. BOO HOO. Seriously, get over it. You know what’s hot right now? Being unique instead of looking like everyone else.

I’m not the best-looking girl in the world. My aunt once used the word “plain” to describe me (Yeah, it hurt at the time, I won’t lie). I used to get really down about my looks, but now I OWN IT. Why? Because there are some great perks to being ugly. In fact, I’d venture to say that average looks are better than perfect-ten looks. It may be the world’s best kept secret.  Some of the most bad-ass women in history weren’t congenitally good-looking: Frida Khalo, Diana Vreeland, Georgia O’Keeffe…I could go on for hours. I’m thankful for the way that I look because it has made the awesome person I am today.

Not fitting into society’s ideals of what it means to be beautiful can feel isolating, but the truth is that very few people actually do and most of them are terribly boring. Here are a few reasons why it rocks to be ugly:


1. You don’t have to worry about being hit on by weird guys. 


All that energy that you would spend fighting off guys can go towards interesting ideas!


2. Phone battery lasts longer.


No one is blowing up your phone trying to see if you want to “Netflix and Chill” tonight, so you got plenty of that sweet battery life left to browse Facebook!


3. You were forced to develop a great personality.


Jokes? You have them! Charisma? In spades! An ear for listing? Of course. Your personality was born of necessity.


4. People don’t try to be your friend just because of your looks.


You know your friends are real and not just people who want to be associated with someone beautiful.


5. No one will use your photo to catfish someone.


It happens!


6. You’re not as self-involved.


Less time gazing in the mirror means more time observing the world around you.


7. Pretty girls aren’t intimidated by you.


No one’s afraid you’re going to steal their man!


8. People don’t stare at you creepily.


Half the time, people don’t notice you at all.


9. Your guy friends don’t try to sleep with you.


You don’t have to worry about it getting weird after they profess their love for you!


10. You can go a day without makeup and no one makes a big deal about it.


You don’t look that different, TBH.


11. You can cross the street without getting catcalled.




12. You don’t have to worry about “losing your looks.”


You can’t lose what you never had!


13. You’ll never be scammed into joining a modeling agency.


This happened to my sister for real. My parents paid $5000 so that she could have an agent. DIDN’T HAPPEN TO ME- JUST SAYING.


14. You don’t have to figure out how to let guys down easy.


You get to avoid those awkward rejection conversations all together.


15. More time for the internet.



16. You can study for finals without being distracted.



17. You don’t obsess over taking selfies all day.


Less time taking selfies means more time having fun!


18. People say you have an “interesting” face.


You stand out! You’re a bit different! The proportions of your face are special! Hooray!


19. You get lots of sleep.


No one blowing up your phone at early hours or sharing your bed and stealing those covers.


20. You know the pretty people would be sacrificed first if you were living in the aztec culture.


Okay…this one’s a bit of a stretch.


The truth is- we women are all beautiful in our own way. Did you find this funny? What do you think the perks of being “ugly” are? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  • Jamie Parker

    There’s sometimes the opposite effect of being ugly….
    I am really ugly to the point I can’t look in the mirror, but I get hit on quite a bit.
    So I think if guys see that you are ugly they confuse that with you being easy, then they will say something stupid like I’m really hot cause they think I will fall for it.
    So being ugly, can be more hard work then it seems.
    I appreciate your article though 😉

    • Valerie Siegal

      I agree. I don’t get asked out on a date but since I’m Fat AND UNATTRACTIVE GUYS Think THEY Can USE ME FOR Money AND OR sex.

      • Lauren Evans-White

        I think this article (at least to an extent) should extend to men too! Guys do care if they are ugly, men should be mentioned in these articles more often! Not just a female problem!