11 Cool Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Dryer Sheets

If you’re anything like me, at any given moment, dryer sheets are probably the very last thing on your mind. I think about a lot of things, you see–important things, like Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the cultural impact of Firefly cell phones, and that one time that Just Bieber tweeted about feeling exceptionally “blessed” and it kind of turned into a meme, for example.

But I never think much about dryer sheets. Recently, however, there was a seismic shift in terms of how much, exactly, dryer sheets have come to occupy my thoughts. This is because I recently fell down a DIY Pinterest hole where I realized that there are so many interesting ways to use dryer sheets beyond just, you know, sticking them in the dyer with your clothes in hopes that they make you smell like the personification of a fresh spring meadow. The best part is, you get to use them after you use them in the dryer, so you get at least a double use out of them. Wanna know what they are? Here are some cool ways that you never knew you could use dryer sheets:
1. Keep clothes fresh:


Keep that just-washed smell even longer by keeping some dryer sheets tucked in your drawers.
2. DIY room freshener:


Tuck a dryer sheet anywhere that needs a scent boost. 
3. Keep bugs away:


Dryer sheets work as a bug repellent and don’t smell like deet. Win-win!
4. Banish shoe stink:


Stinky shoes? Place a dryer sheet in each one overnight and you’ll be smelly no more.
5. Keep books fresh:


If your books have acquired a stale scent, don’t worry–just stick a few dryer sheets in between the pages.
6. Tuck it under your mattress:


It’ll smell like summer all year long!
7. De-static hair:


If you’ve got static-y hair (which is a pressing issue, especially in the coming winter months), just use a dryer sheet to take care of it.
8. Erase deodorant marks:


Don’t panic if you’ve got some deodorant marks on your clothes–just use a dryer sheet to remove it!
9. Remove glitter nail polish:


Glitter nail polish is fun. You know what’s not so fun? Removing it. It becomes easier, however, if you use dryer sheets instead of tissues with your nail polish remover.
10. Clean hair brushes:


Fill a bowl with warm water, add some dryer sheets, and put your hairbrushes into the mixture. Let it soak for a few hours, then rinse off–your brushes will look like new!

11. DIY flowers:


Follow these instructions to make some DIY decoration flowers look nice and smell great, too.


Have you ever used any of these dryer sheet tips? Did I forget about anything? Let us know in the comments!
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