13 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Explain What It’s Like When You’re Christmas AF

When it comes to the holiday season, you can pretty much expect a certain amount of variance within people. There are the people who are definitely holiday haters. Those who are pretty ambivalent. Those who like the holidays. Those who love them.

Then, there are those who are Christmas AF.

You know this type. The literal second that Halloween ends, they tear down their cobwebs and string up lights and put up their fake Christmas tree (they’ll get a real one later, obviously–this is just a standby). They play Elf on repeat, don one of their Christmas sweaters (they have at least ten), and blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the highest volume possible to drown out all of the haters who tell them to “calm down” and that “Thanksgiving has barely even passed.”

And perhaps, you know this type so well because it is you who is Christmas AF. To find out for sure, check out these tweets that perfectly explain what life is like when you’re Christmas AF:

1. You have a strict countdown:


2. You make any song an opportunity for your festivity:


3. Like, literally any song:


4. Sometimes, you even make your own song:


5. While wearing some festive holiday garb:


6. You may or may not twerk your feelings out:


7. Many times over:


8. It’s the only way to really reveal how you feel, after all:


9. Even your hair is festive:


10. Who could deny that it’s your favorite holiday?


11. You try to act casual, but you just…can’t:


12. It’s something the whole family can get behind:


13. In any case, it’s here. The most festive time of all:


Are you Christmas AF? Which was your favorite tweet? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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