20 Perfect Gifts For Introverts Every Quiet Girl Will Want

As a very introverted person, I know that life can be tough to manage sometimes. I love my group of friends and my family, but I don’t love socializing all the time. A great night for me involves hanging out at home with a few people I love – but it’s not like that for everyone. Being an introvert made me feel really awkward for a long time, like I was a total weirdo. I thought there was something wrong with me, until I realized that a lot of people are this way. And until I found a lot of items online that made being an introvert sound almost… cool?

If you’re an introvert, then you should definitely add some of these items onto your wish list. They’ll make you feel less alone, and they will also be by your side on the days or nights you just need some alone time. If you’re NOT an introvert, please consider buying at least one of these items for the introvert in your life, because I know they will appreciate it. Here are 20 perfect gifts for introverts this holiday season:


1. Stay Home Tote Bag


Uh, is this not the most perfect tote bag ever? The brand Stay Home Club just gets you if you’re an introvert. You have to ask for this immediately!

Stay Home Tote Bag, $19.54, Stay Home Club


2. Let’s Sleep In Tee


The best way to spend the weekend is to sleep late, and then cuddle in bed watching TV or reading all day. At least, according to an introvert. This shirt is perfect for those very days. Ask for this now!

Daydreamer Let’s Sleep In Tee, $72, Gypsy Warrior


3. A Doing Nothing Shirt 


As an introvert, I know that my plan of doing nothing is actually a real plan – I really need to recharge and do nothing! Buy this for your homebody friend, or just ask for it for yourself. Wear it while you’re doing nothing!

Very Busy Doing Nothing Raglan, $48, Junk Food Clothing


4. This ‘Meh’ T-Shirt


Sometimes being an introvert means you feel kind of blah because you need your own time to yourself. “Meh” basically sums it up perfectly.

Don’t Ask Why Graphic Baby T-Shirt, $24.95, American Eagle Outfitters


5. Nap Queen Mug


Every introvert (and, let’s face it, every person ever) knows that naps are the best. But introverts are basically professional nappers, which is why you need to ask for this mug.

Nap Queen Mug, $19, Tees In The Trap


6. A Doing Nothing Duffel Bag


Why do something when you could do nothing? This duffel bag is the perfect vacation staple for any introvert. It’s so cute, colorful, and fun.

Chairman Of The Nothing Club, $58, Dolls Kill


7. Pillowcases That Speak For You


Every introvert needs these pillowcases that will speak for them when they’re tired. The great thing about these is that white and black will go with literally any kind of room decor.

Jac Vanek Shh I’m Sleeping Pillowcases, $45, Dolls Kill


8. Leave Me Alone T-Shirt


Sometimes you just want to be left alone, and that’s okay! Introverts need alone time to recharge. Say it in the nicest/cutest way possible by asking for a t-shirt like this one. People will be so distracted by the leaf pattern they won’t even care about the message.

Adolescent Clothing Boyfriend T-Shirt, $33, ASOS


9. Not Today Tee


When you’re not in the mood to talk or be social, opt for this t-shirt. It warns everyone to stay away because you are NOT in the mood to deal with them.

Daydreamer Not Today Tee, $68, Nasty Gal


10. Introvert Necklace


Let everyone know exactly what your personality is with a necklace that doesn’t beat around the bush. This is a must for every introvert’s holiday wish list.

Introvert Necklace, $15, Etsy


11. Let’s Stay Home Tee


Be honest: do you want to go out and be social with a group, or would you rather stay in and have a quiet hangout sesh with a friend? Every introvert needs this top in their closet.

Stay Cute Let’s Stay Home Tee, $28, Shop Nylon


12. Introvert Patch


Patches are so cool – you can add them to a jacket, a shirt, a sweatshirt, a bag… whatever you want. This one is the perfect patch for every introvert out there. Because while parties can be fun, they’re definitely not on your list of favorite things ever.

Crying At The Party Iron On Patch, $4.89, Stay Home Club


13. Introvert Soap


This soap says “Because seriously, you’re not going anywhere anyway.” Truth. Also, this is so pretty that you might not even want to use it. But you will!

Soap For Introverts, $8.95, Whiskey River Soap


14. No Pin


Pins are also very cool, and you can obviously put one wherever you want. If you’re the kind of introvert who knows what she wants and can’t be persuaded otherwise, this is for you.

You Can’t Make Me Big Pin, $2.25, Stay Home Club


15. An Honest Mug


Hey, some days, it’s an achievement. Ask for this if your family is always making fun of you for how much you sleep.

Made It Out Of Bed Mug, $19, Look Human


16. Cozy Socks


These cozy over-the-knee socks are perfect for the introvert who likes to spend cold weekends at home. Wear them with your pajamas to stay extra warm. They’re even cute enough if you decide to have a friend over.

Funky Fair Isle Over-The-Knee Sock, $16, Urban Outfitters


17. Introvert Notebooks


Need some notebooks for school? These are perfect. Small enough to fit in any bag, these messages are great for when you’re feeling a little anti-social.

Introvert Notebooks, $6.95, Archie McPhee


18. The Best Day Tee


This t-shirt is the best to explain your perfect day to anyone. Add it to your wish list or give to a friend if you feel like being generous.

Coffee. Art. Tee, $24, Culture Flock Clothing


19. No New Friends Shirt


I don’t know who the people on this shirt are, but I do know I want it. I mean, if you already have a bunch of friends, why do you need new ones?

1964 No New Friends Tee, $36, Shop Nylon


20. Anti-Social Necklaces


These glittery, colorful necklaces look so sweet and adorable, until you read the messages. These are the cutest!

Anti-Social Necklaces, $10.50, Etsy


Which of these introvert gifts is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments.

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