11 Things Only Girls With Super Obvious Facial Hair Know Is True

I have brown skin and dark hair, and damn, does that hair show up. Yeah, I’m hairy af and i’m not afraid to admit it. On my legs, on my armpits, and–perhaps most annoyingly–on parts of my faces that I’ve been socialized to believe should be smooth and absolutely hairless since I’m a woman. Yeah, well, puberty got rid of that BS fantasy pretty quickly. I have hair growing from my upper lip, my eyebrows get fuzzy about a week after they’re threaded, and I’ve noticed pesky little hairs pepper my chin, too.

Sure, my facial hair is far thinner than a man’s, but still, it’s hard to break free of the notion that my beauty depends on how hairless my face is. If you have light skin and blonde hair, congrats, nobody can really see your facial hair in the first place. But for the rest of us…woof. We go through some things. In fact, here are 11 of those things that only girls with super obvious facial hair know to be true.


1. Discovering all that hair that’s lurking underneath your chin is mind blowing.



2. You barely react to somebody ripping hair from your face by now.


3. Every time you get threaded or waxed, the technician always asks if you want another part of your face done too. YES, I KNOW I’M HAIRY, OKAY? BUT, NO, JUST THE EYEBROWS. THANKS.

blackish shocked


4. Even after you remove your mustache, you’re still convinced that it’s there when you smile (psst, it’s called a shadow, but okay).


5. You’ve considered just going full Frida more than once. Hey, it would make a statement.

frida eyebrows


6. You know that shaving your face really isn’t that weird.



7. You got used to the nasty smell of hair removal cream pretty quickly since you’d put it on your face so often.


8. The idea of bleaching your upper lip hair is pretty ridiculous if you have dark skin.



9. You’ve straight up tried to use makeup to cover up your facial hair…with minimal success.



10. You’ve freaked out over misplacing your tweezers, admit it.


11. You admire the hell out of girls who are totally embracing their facial hair, even if you aren’t quite there yet/aren’t into it for yourself.

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Are you hairy af, too? What’s your preferred hair removal method? Tell us in the comments!

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