13 Cool Feminist Holiday Gifts You Had No Idea You Needed To Ask For

Do you care about issues and struggles that women–all kinds of women–have to deal with? Are you aware of the fact that women are systematically screwed over because of sexist BS? Do you want to get rid of those effed up system? Are you invested in women being empowered and feeling amazing about themselves in a world that is constantly making it difficult for them to do just that?  Congrats, you might just be a feminist. And, well, if you don’t identify as one, at least you know that women’s rights are important. So why not rock–or give–a cool feminist gift for the holidays?

It’s fun to show off your the feminist issues and love for women in clothing form, whether it’s a love for black female solidarity or hatred of street harassment. But even if you’re letting your girl power flag fly, feminism isn’t something you can just buy into with a “this is what a feminist looks like” shirt and call it a day. So use these 13 feminist inspired clothes and accessories as a fun expression of your politics, but remember that there’s still work you can do everyday to help make this world a less oppressive place for women everywhere. Whether it’s defending transwomen, calling out racists, or making sure that that dude in your history class who doesn’t think women deserve to make as much money as men knows that you think his opinion is garbage, every little bit counts.

Feminist gifts might sound boring, but trust, they’re not. Check out these 13 gift ideas you didn’t even know you needed to ask for:


Which of these items speaks to you the most? Do any of your friends ID as feminists or do they shy away from the label? What about you? Tell us in the comments!

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