13 Cool Feminist Holiday Gifts You Had No Idea You Needed To Ask For

Do you care about issues and struggles that women–all kinds of women–have to deal with? Are you aware of the fact that women are systematically screwed over because of sexist BS? Do you want to get rid of those effed up system? Are you invested in women being empowered and feeling amazing about themselves in a world that is constantly making it difficult for them to do just that?  Congrats, you might just be a feminist. And, well, if you don’t identify as one, at least you know that women’s rights are important. So why not rock–or give–a cool feminist gift for the holidays?

It’s fun to show off your the feminist issues and love for women in clothing form, whether it’s a love for black female solidarity or hatred of street harassment. But even if you’re letting your girl power flag fly, feminism isn’t something you can just buy into with a “this is what a feminist looks like” shirt and call it a day. So use these 13 feminist inspired clothes and accessories as a fun expression of your politics, but remember that there’s still work you can do everyday to help make this world a less oppressive place for women everywhere. Whether it’s defending transwomen, calling out racists, or making sure that that dude in your history class who doesn’t think women deserve to make as much money as men knows that you think his opinion is garbage, every little bit counts.

Feminist gifts might sound boring, but trust, they’re not. Check out these 13 gift ideas you didn’t even know you needed to ask for:

Beat It Creep Shirt

Who doesn't feel like they need to wear this phrase in massive neon lights whenever they're in public? This top is definitely spunky and cute, too, and would look great tucked into a pair of high waist jeans.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $48

Black Girls Are Magic

Black Girls Are Magic apparel rules! These clothes send a strong message of empowerment to black girls everywhere and a reminder to the powers that be that try to kill our spirit. There are sweatshirts, tees, and tanks to indulge in, so take your pick!

Buy t-shirts and sweatshirts at Teespring from $15-$26

100% Boy Tears Cell Phone Case

Sure, this might seem a little petty, but who hasn't felt like chugging a carton of cis-gender boy tears after listening to some seriously sexist garbage? I know I have...daily, probably.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $42

Feminist Undies

I mean...literally, why not? Why not have feminism on your booty? As long as you don't just wear these undies as proof of your feminist credentials, these are fun af.

Buy it at It's Me And You for $25

Dear Patriarchy Brooch

Felt like giving the patriarchy the finger today? Same. Why not just give it to 'em everyday in style with this cool brooch. Pin it on your outfit and you're good to go.

Buy it at Etsy for $14

Girls Shirt

Show your support for girls everywhere with this rad illustrated girls tee. It'll look great paired with a leather or denim jacket.

Buy it at Shop Tuesday for $

Intersectional Rosie The Riveter Print

Okay, so this isn't a piece of clothing or accessory, but this intersectional feminism take on the classic image of Rosie The Riveter is brill. It definitely makes a great addition to a bedroom wall collage.

Buy it at Etsy for $12

Nipples Are Cool T-Shirt

Sure, the Free The Nipple movement can definitely come across as, well, not that important in the grand scheme of things when it comes to systematic oppression of women. But it is ridiculous just how much breasts are inherently sexualized in our society. I mean, someone can't even breastfeed without some pearl clutcher getting offended, and god forbid anybody show their nips in public. Pfft. Remind the world that nipples aren't the enemy.

Buy it at Etsy for $11.97

Pit Hair Don't Care

Are you or a friend growing out your body hair? Make it super clear that you DGAF about the grossed out haters with this pin!

Buy it at Etsy for $2.40

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's art series about street harassment called "Stop Telling Women To Smile" sparked some serious controversy when it first launched a couple of years ago. But, hey, street harassment is real, and I can't even count how many (male) strangers have told me to put a smile on my face, as if I'm there to satisfy them. Hell no. If you're disgusted at street harassment, too, support the campaign and pick up this shirt.

Buy it at Etsy for $20

They Pronoun Shirt

Okay, it's important to acknowledge that not fitting into a he/she gender binary is also a feminist issue. If you or a friend ID with "they" pronouns, this is a fun way to let everyone know.

Buy it at Etsy for $25.55

Trans Inclusive Feminism Pin

There are some people who claim to be feminists but don't give a damn about trans issues or transwomen. Uh, frankly, those people aren't feminists, because feminists care about the systematic oppression of everyone who IDs as a woman, not just people who were born with vaginas. Make it clear that your feminism is trans inclusive with these cool pastel pins.

Buy it at Etsy for $1.95

Xicana Tank Top

These tanks are so rad. They're made for and by women who ID as Xicana, which is another way of saying Mexican-American women. The Xicana movement in general--from its politics to its art and literature--is very inclusive of the experiences of Latinas in general, however.

Buy it at SomaraTX for $20


Which of these items speaks to you the most? Do any of your friends ID as feminists or do they shy away from the label? What about you? Tell us in the comments!

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