11 Surprising Reasons You Have To Start Complimenting Other Girls More

Something that I’ve always thought to be vastly underestimated is the importance of girls giving compliments to other girls. It sounds simple, but it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should — girls often feel as though they are in competition with one anther (especially in professional or academic settings) and, as such, compliments are usually withheld.

They shouldn’t be, though — something about hearing anything that is just, like, vaguely nice from another girl — like, “Your makeup looks great!” or “Your presentation was really awesome today!” holds the power to make someone’s day. It could be from any girl, really. A friend, an acquaintance, a rando on the street (well, provided that the compliment given from the rando is something like “I love your dress!” rather than “I want to tear off your face and eat it”) as long as it feels genuine and from the heart. No need for fake Regina George compliments here:

Fortunately, it seems as though there’s been a pretty big movement lately to get compliments from girls to other girls (can you tell I was really trying to avoid saying “girl-on-girl compliments” here?). So, with some help from Twitter and Tumblr, here some of the reasons why you really need to start complimenting other girls more often:

1. It shows that you’re secure with yourself:

Being able to notice and point out other people’s strengths shows that you’re confident enough in your own abilities to highlight what other people do well without feeling like it’ll detract from your own achievements.


2. It’s a good way to make friends:

You’ll get sleepover invites all the time.


3. You can pretty much make someone’s whole day:


And who doesn’t love an easy way to be the best part of someone’s day?


4. It helps you break the cycle of competition:

Helping other girls is good for you, too–if you start a movement of positivity, it can counteract any need to feel excessively competitive with women you should be working with, not against.


5. It’s an easy and surefire way to make Internet friends:

Honestly, these days, an Insta like and Twitter RT is just as good–if not better–than a compliment that’s spoken out loud. So you don’t even have to leave your house.


6. It makes other girls think you’re awesome:

I mean, as long as you’re being respectful and polite (and actually speaking in a normal tone of voice instead of doing a catcall-style scream) there’s no reason to feel weird about it.


7. It helps you keep your cool around guys:

No chill required for this type of friendship flirting.


8. It gives other girls more confidence:

When a girl in a coffee shop tells you it’s cute, you know it’s a great dress.


9. It’s much better than the compliments that guys give out:

Between catcalling and stuff like…this, nice compliments from girls definitely creates a comfy buffer zone


10. It makes guys jealous:

(And hey, roasting and complimenting aren’t mutually exclusive. I enjoy both, personally.


11. Girls genuinely appreciate it:

Even if you are the pettiest of individuals, try giving out a genuine compliment–it’s a lot easier for other girls to accept.

Do you think complimenting other girls is important? Why or why not?

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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