18 Hacks, Tips, And Tricks To Make High Heels More Comfortable

As someone who stands at a very short five feet tall, I love wearing high heels. It’s not because I hate being short – I actually like it. It’s because I love the extra boost high heels give me. Wearing a cute heel makes me feel more confident, in charge, and mature. Whether it’s a stiletto, a chunky heel, a small heel, or a wedge, I wear some sort of high heel style every day. I love it, but I’ll be the first person to tell you that, damn, high heels can be uncomfortable.

Comfortable heels do exist, and I happen to own some of them. But every girl knows that some heels are not comfortable in any way, and we wear them only because they look amazing. Pain for the sake of beauty sucks. Why should you walk around in heels that pinch your feet and make your legs ache? Why should you feel like you’re about to fall over the second you stand up or take a step? Why should you spend an entire day longingly thinking of your slippers? There are things you can do to make heels comfier – and some of you need to start doing them, because going barefoot in public is not okay.

These 18 hacks, tips, and tricks will succeed in making wearing high heels a better experience – and they may even change your most painful heels into something resembling comfort. Unfortunately, some heels will never improve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! You need this info right now especially, with the holidays around the corner. Here are some tips on how to make your heels more comfortable:


1. First, know how to buy shoes that will be comfortable for you by measuring your foot. 




2. Before you buy the shoe, learn how to figure out whether they’ll be comfortable or not:




3. Protect your feet before walking outside in heels instead of treating them later on.




4. Be aware of all the different types there are out there:




5. Sometimes your pain is more serious. Keep this chart in mind: 




6. Keep these tips in mind before, during, and after wearing heels.




7. If your heels are too tight, try stretching them out in the freezer.




8. Or try the sock and blow drying tip.




9. Blisters are the worst, and can make walking in heels literally impossible. Prevent them by using lip balm.




10. Use dry shampoo to keep your feet from getting sweaty.




11. It sounds crazy, but taping two of your toes together CAN make heels a better experience.




12. Already have foot problems? Here’s more helpful info that might be useful when finding heels:




13. Slipping in heels is so embarrassing. Use sand paper to prevent that from happening.




14. Squeaky shoes? Baby powder will make that stop.




15. The way you walk matters. Walk heel first when in heels to keep yourself from falling.




16. When heel caps get worn like this, walking becomes a dangerous activity. Use heel caps to keep yourself safe.




17. When taking uncomfortable heels off, don’t grab your flats just yet. Try this instead:




18. And when all else fails, remember these tips:




Which of these tips have you tried? Do you like to wear heels? How do you make them more tolerable? Tell us in the comments!

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