7 Gifts To Get For Your Mom This Year If She Says She Doesn’t Want Anything

For me, every time the holiday season approaches, I am overtaken with a particular sense of dread. This is because, in my personal opinion, there is nothing quite so terrible, so truly anxiety-producing around this time than being tasked with trying to find a present for your mom.

This is because most moms (or, at the very least, my mom) have this aggravating habit of insisting that they really, really, really don’t want a single present whenever any gift-giving occasion–be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day or birthdays–rolls around. “I don’t need anything, sweetie,” they’ll say. “Being around you is the only present I need!”

As we all know, this is straight B.S., because material objects are objectively amazing. But figuring out exactly which material object you should get them on your own is pretty tough. Luckily, you don’t have to do it entirely on your own–here are some gift ideas that any mom who is ambivalent about asking for gifts will be able to appreciate:

A Mug That'll Make Her Think Of You

She'll never admit it, but it's true.

Buy it at Etsy for $12

A Sassy Card

With a personalized note inside, this TOTALLY makes up for all the fights about what you should or shouldn't wear to Christmas dinner.

Buy it at Etsy for $4.25

A DIY Sassy Card

Or, better yet, you can make your own card. She can stick it on the fridge, just like she used to with your art projects from school.

Buy markers from Etsy for $5.80

Cute Sign

This sign is cute, simple, and from the heart. She can't argue with it. (You could also definitely make this for yourself if you're a crafty type).

Buy it at Etsy for $16

Mom Bangle

This is a really thoughtful piece--every time she wears it, she'll think of you.

Buy it at Etsy for $27

Mom Frame

This gift is literally so easy--all you have to do is print out some pictures of you two together and stick it in a frame--but also feels incredibly special.

Buy it at Etsy for $12.99

Take Her Out

Promise to take her for a mani-pedi, a nice dinner, whatever--she'll just love the idea of being able to spend a few hours with you.

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Is buying presents for your mom tough for you too? Have you gotten her anything yet? Let us know in the comments!

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