Would You Rather: Choose Between These Humiliating First Move Fails

To be honest, just the idea of making the first move actually terrifies me. I mean, unless I know someone really well, I’m just not as comfortable with initiating things. So when it comes to approaching a crush or someone that you like, I can only imagine how much courage and effort that takes. Because on top of putting your feelings out there, you’re also taking on the risk of getting rejected. And that takes some serious guts.


But it seems like a lot of people are quick to forget how awkward and difficult it can be to make the first move. Tons of chick flicks often give the impression that flirting and approaching crushes are always either adorably cute or sexy. But this is real life, and people are bound to run into a few sticky scenarios whenever they talk to their crush!

Have you had embarrassing moments while talking to your crush? Take this fun poll and see if you can get through some of the worst things that could happen while making the first move.






Which of these was the hardest for you to choose? Have you had super embarrassing moments while trying to make the first move? Tell us in the comments below!

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